Off The Reservation

This was probably the most logical evolution of the Pirates Prospects site.  It has morphed into a cottage news media outlet (all from the crawlspace, not basement, of Tim’s house) now that we have an official beat reporter. 

I always appreciate some good nerd-inducing number crunching and I will keep an eye on the bigger picture of economics throughout baseball.  I’m looking forward to shorter, quicker posts about interesting articles or stray thoughts I may have about baseball from time to time.


  • Considering I like to drink play video games watch sports and have my wife yell at me for all, I have no interest in looking up stuff like this. Has anyone ran through Burnetts stats and hit balls and put his Yankee home game balls vs what they would have been at PNC. Then calculating numbers based on that. I dont think I even saw anything regarding home road splits being talked about. Granted its still a different league and tougher division but its still something Id be interested in.

    • If/when the trade goes thru, I have a post queued up waiting to show his stats and some possible explanations.
      My first hypothesis was that it was Yankee Stadium spooking him, as 2009 was his first year and the first year of New Yankee Stadium.

      Short answer — his HR/9 splits against RHB and LHB’s are greatly deviating from career norms and it is probably due to lack of separation b/ fastball and changeup.

      • You might wanna run that piece sooner than later. Readng Dejan s tweets looks like he’s trying to do something similar. Or maybe just make kit a better piggyback piece. Why can’t he be lazy like Biertempfl?
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