Speaking of Spring Training….

The Pittsburgh Pirates held their spring training in the town of Dawson Springs, Kentucky from 1914-1917 playing at Riverside Park. The original stadium was washed away in a flood but the field was still there and the town rebuilt the stadium in 1999 to the original specifications from back in 1914 which meant building an all-wood stadium. Years ago online I found a group of photos from a site called digitalballparks.com which shows the recreation of the original stadium where Honus Wagner spent the end of his playing career getting ready for the upcoming season. The Pirates went 51-103 in 1917 so it is of little surprise they decided to move the following season, although the real reason they left was because of a harsh winter in 1917 that put them behind in their training and forced them to play indoors to get ready.

Pictures of the new park can be found here


The team played spring training at Barrs Field in Jacksonville, Florida the following season and that field also still exists although the stadium had to be rebuilt due to fire in 1936 and has been renovated numerous times since.

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