Starting a Blog…Again.

The last time I started a blog was in late January 2009, a little over three years ago. That blog ended up becoming what is now Pirates Prospects. It’s hard to call it a blog anymore. Sure, I run the site using blogging software, but that’s mostly out of convenience. When you think about the typical connotations for the word “blog”, I don’t think Pirates Prospects really applies. The site has grown to the point where we have nine writers contributing to the site. Kristy Robinson was just added to the site to cover the major league games, expanding the live coverage this year to every level from the majors to the Gulf Coast League. When I first started a blog, it was just a place to put my thoughts on the team. The site has grown to be much more than that in the three years that followed.

Since the main site has grown to become more of a news outlet, I decided to add a new feature to the site: blogs. It was kind of strange researching solutions on how to add a blog to your blog, but fortunately I’m not the only one who uses blogging software more for content management and less as a traditional blog.

This new blog will have several roles. I’ll provide some thoughts on the team, on moves around baseball, and maybe on occasion a non-baseball thought. When I’m on the road, the blog will be where I can provide some notes, pre-game lineups, and other information that wouldn’t warrant a full story on the main site. I’ll be using the blog a lot when I’m down at Spring Training reporting from Pirate City, which will be from February 25th through March 31st.

So keep the blog bookmarked, as I plan to have daily updates throughout the season. Also, be sure to check out the other blogs on the site, which can be found on the right sidebar.