Chris Resop — Starter for 1 day at least

I chuckled this afternoon when I heard that Chris Resop was “starting” against the Phillies.  It’s probably only for 1 inning, as the Pirates want to get relievers work and also hide Jeff Karstens from his opening weekend opponents for strategy, but it still made me think of our interview from Piratefest with Resop.

The guys from Bucs Dugout asked if he had been approached to be converted to a starter and Resop smiled and said only the online media had ever promoted that idea.  He was only a starter for a couple months and it didn’t suit his style.  He didn’t like the idea of sitting around for 4-5 days between starts.

We jokingly told him that it was our effort to try and boost his worth and his salary for 2013.  So Chris, if you’re reading, I’ll expect my cut the next time I see you.  Probably at a sushi bar.

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