First Pitch: Finally Some Games

Tomorrow at Pirate City there will be another B-game. I’ll be doing a live blog of the event, similar to what I did earlier this week. These games are largely informal. The last one featured the following:

-Casey McGehee batting for both teams

-Brian Friday playing third base for McGehee, and batting tenth in the lineup

-Rudy Owens getting three quick outs, then being told to stay on the field, only to give up a three-out home run to Miles Durham

-Innings ending when players reached their pitch count, regardless of the outs

-The game lasting five and a half innings

Even with the informality of the games, it’s still a welcome change from the daily bullpens, situational hitting, stretching, and infield drills.

What’s better is that the minor league schedule kicks off on Sunday. The first three dates are camp days. Normally on camp days the Pirates hold intrasquad games. That’s the case for camp days later in camp. I can only imagine it would be the same for camp days at the start of camp.

I probably won’t have a live blog of all the games at Pirate City. That would almost be impossible. There’s usually 2-3 games going on at once, and my priority is getting pitch speeds, photos, and observing as much as possible. So rather than live blogs throughout the day, I’ll be starting a Prospect Notebook each night, detailing the day’s events and some of the prospects who stood out to me.

Links and Notes

**This nightly article goes up at midnight every night. But I’m in bed by 9:30 down here so that I can wake up at 5:00 AM for the morning action at Pirate City (workouts start at 7:15 AM tomorrow). So for a recap of tonight’s game, check the main page.

**If you haven’t taken the survey, you can do so here. Earlier today I responded to some of the more frequent comments and suggestions.

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**Kristy has some injury updates on A.J. Burnett and Neil Walker.

**Last night Kristy looked at Starling Marte’s excellent Spring, but why he will end up in AAA. Today’s article looked at what the Pirates take in to consideration during Spring Training.

**Alex Dickerson could be the long-term answer at first base.

**Baseball America has their top relief pitching prospects. They listed Stetson Allie 12th. The note on him mentioned that he has more upside than anyone on the list, but also more risk than anyone on the list. They also released their top catching prospects. Tony Sanchez came in at 19th.