Live From Pirate City: 3/5

The first day I was down here it was in the 70s. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and sandals. The weather was great, in my opinion. I was told by everyone who had been down here for weeks how crazy I was for wearing shorts, and that I would be freezing.

After several days where the temperature was in the upper 80s, the last two days have been cold. And when I say cold, I mean that low-70s temperature that I thought was great a week ago. Today I’m wearing a jacket and jeans. And it’s still cold.

Everyone in the North would rise together and slay all of us down here if they knew. That is, after they shoveled their drive ways.

Today is the first workout for the full minor league camp. Players are undergoing testing right now. The early arrivals are going to be practicing in the morning. The new arrivals will have their first day of camp in the afternoon. Live batting practice starts around 10:20 today. A lot of pitchers will be throwing today. The list:

Stetson Allie, Matt Benedict, Jake Burnette, Orlando Castro, Brandon Cumpton, Zack Dodson, Justin Ennis, Luis Heredia, Clayton Holmes, Eliecer Navarro, Logan Pevny, Rinku Singh, Bryce Weidman

They usually hold live BP on two fields, but that’s when the list is smaller. I’d imagine with so many pitchers throwing, they’ll have live BP going on more than two fields today. I’m hoping to get some video. Allie and Heredia will be my top priority.


  • I have lived in FLA for 50 yrs and it seems every year when the ST games start the weather sucks for about 2 weeks. Of course the wind is bad everywhere in March.