More on Starling Marte

I’ll have a feature up later today on outfielder Starling Marte. He has been creating quite a buzz due to his hot spring with the big league club.

Marte, 23, had an eight hit streak going until his second at-bat in today’s 5-4 loss to the Phillies in the 10th inning. So far this spring, Marte is 9-for-13 with two homers. Fans are loving what they are seeing, as they should be. He’s got a lot of potential. But Marte hasn’t seen a single at-bat in Triple-A just yet.

Pirates General Manager Neal Huntington said Marte will not make the club out of spring training. Check out the main page for the full story on Marte, in what could be another huge year in 2012 later tonight.

After today’s game, Pirates first base coach Luis Silvero translated some questions for Marte.

  • On 8 hit streak:

A couple teammates told him that he had seven hits in a row. But he didn’t think about it. He just went there and tried to put the ball in play and connect the best he could.

  • On success so far this spring training:

He’s been working pretty hard in the cage and try to zone in one area of the plate. That’s what he’s really focused and concentrating on. Get a good pitch to hit and try to put a good swing on it.

  • Marte said he isn’t nervous in his first big league camp:

Last year he was able to come here for a few games as an extra player from the minor leagues. Even though he wasn’t on the major league roster, that was a good experience for him. Playing winter ball has helped him a lot and being around a lot of Major League players. He’s really not feeling any pressure or nervous or anything so far.

  • On starting the year in Triple-A, being close to the Majors:

He doesn’t have control of that. Wherever they send him to play, he’s going to play hard and do the best that he can. He’s dream is to be a Major League player and that’s what he’s focused and working on.

  • On playing in Winterball and how that helped with his confidence:

He’s been taking their advice and putting it to use and trying to get as much information as he can from those guys. Being around them, because they have been around so long, he has definitely trying to take as much as he can from each of those guys.

  • truthcipher
    March 9, 2012 2:15 pm

    Thanks for the info.  From this article it sounds like he has a very mature approach to the game and a strong work ethic.  That can make average athletes into good professionals and it can make great athletes Hall of Famers.  I don’t want to get ahead of myself but if the reports on his athletic ability are true then I think he has the ability to be something special.

  • Marte is providing the Pirates with a nice problem.  Good to have good options for a change