Notes From Pirate City: 3/18 Pitchers and Lineups

The Pirates take on the Yankees today, with the AAA and AA teams on the road, and the A-ball teams at home. Gerrit Cole and Rudy Owens will be pitching on the road today, while Zack Dodson highlights the pitchers throwing at home. The lineups and pitchers are below.


Pitchers: Rudy Owens (Starter), Tim Alderson, Brian Tallet, Brian Leach, Jhonathan Ramos

Lineups: Unknown


Pitchers: Gerrit Cole (Starter), Matt McSwain, Eliecer Navarro, Kris Harvey, Tyler Cox, Zach Foster


1. Quincy Latimore, CF

2. Ramon Cabrera, C

3. Jarek Cunningham, 2B

4. Alex Dickerson, 1B

5. Calvin Anderson, LF

6. Stefan Welch, 3B

7. Kawika Emsley-Pai, DH

8. Justin Howard, RF

9. Kelson Brown, SS


Pitchers: Zack Dodson (Starter), Trent Stevenson, Jordan Cooper, Kevin Decker, Jason Townsend, Justin Ennis


1. Alex Fuselier, CF

2. Kevin Mort, 2B

3. Samuel Gonzalez, DH

4. Carlos Mesa, RF

5. Eric Avila, 3B

6. Chris Lashmet, 1B

7. Jairo Marquez/David Valesente, C

8. Rogelios Noris, LF

9. Benji Gonzalez, SS


Pitchers: Zac Fuesser (Starter), Mike Jefferson, Robert Kilcrease, Fraylin Campos, Isaac Sanchez, Bryce Weidman, Kevin Kleis

Lineups: Unknown


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