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Pirates Acquire Rowland From Dbacks

PITTSBURGH, Pa. — The Pittsburgh Pirates acquired right-handed pitcher Robby Rowland in exchange for righty pitcher Brett Lorin. Lorin, 24, was selected by the Arizona Diamondbacks off the Triple-A Indianapolis roster in the Major League phase of the Rule Five Draft on December 8, 2011.

Rowland, 20, was selected by the Diamondbacks in the third round of the 2010 draft out of Cloverdale (CA) High School, where he went 7-1 with a 0.32 ERA and 117 strikeouts as a senior.

Rowland has spent the past two seasons with Rookie-level Missoula. In 2010, Rowland posted a 4-6 record and 5.67 ERA in 14 starts (54.0 innings). During the 2011 season, Rowland posted a 2-7 record an 8.07 ERA in 14 starts (68.0 innings).

Rowland is the son of former big league catcher Rich Rowland, who spent parts of six seasons in the big leagues with Detroit (1990-93) and Boston (1994-95).

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Lee Young

Lorin just turned 25 yesterday and is going to AA for the FIRST time! Little old for that level.

Here is a nice article on our new pitcher. There’s SOME promise….not much, but….


Lee Young

 I see Tim already linked to it. Shoulda known he’d be on top of that. 🙂

Bob Martin

What you all forget is that the Pirates get to now keep all of the $50.000.00 that the diamondback paid them for drafting Lorin…You now have your answer folks..

James Vargo

This guy is better than Lorin, how?

white angus

not every player is going to make the 25 man roster.  how come no one can get this through their skulls?

rowand, right now, is just filler, but just like Pittcat said, he has years remaining before he has to be put on the 40 man.  Lorin is wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind on the depth charts if he came back.

if rowand can re-discover what made him a high draft pick just 2 years ago, then its a bonus


Also keep in mind that Lorin would have had to pass through waivers before he came back to the Pirates.  Somebody else probably would have claimed him.  He pitched well this spring.  The Pirates didn’t have much leverage, so you can’t view it as a straight player-for-player swap.


I thought he had to clear waivers in order to be traded. No?


I don’t think so.  He’s still on the D’backs’ 40-man, just like Meek stayed on the Pirates’.  If the D’backs just offered him back, they’d be removing him from their roster and then he’d have to go thru waivers.


well rowland is 20 and lorin is 24, and rowland has many years before he has to go on the 40 man roster. thats about it…


 John.  This is just a deal to let the Diamondbacks keep Lorin.  As a 2010 draft pick, Rowland has plenty of minor league options remaining; he wasn’t about to get released.

John Lease

Why?  A guy who is obviously about to get released?

Ian Rothermund

 Well, after this season he might be a guy at risk to be released.  However, if he can throw 94 like I’ve read, then maybe a new place and new coaches can help.  Lorin doesn’t have any value either, so we’re really talking about a non-issue either way.  At least this guy is only 20.

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