(Video) Quinton Miller Throwing Live Batting Practice

When the Pirates gave Quinton Miller a $900 K signing bonus as a 20th round pick in 2008, they had hopes that he would be more productive than what they’ve seen to date. Miller has struggled, both with injuries, and with his on-field performance. Last year would have been his junior year at UNC, and he would have been draft eligible for the 2011 draft. Instead he had a 6.56 ERA in 70 innings with Bradenton, and missed most of the season with a back injury.

Miller is still a prospect to watch. He’s gotten his fastball up to 95 MPH in the past, and he’s only 22 years old. He needs to get back on track and put up strong numbers in Bradenton this year, and he needs to find a way to stay healthy.

Here is a video I took of Miller today, throwing live batting practice to Quincy Latimore and Andrew Lambo.