Online Media Night at PNC

Our hard working beat reporter, Kristy Robinson, is a full-time accredited media member, but for the rest of us e-ink stained scribes at Pirates Prospects, we were invited to the game tonight for Online Media/Blogger Night at the park.

Pirates Prospects was represented, along with John from Slew Footers, and Tom Smith from the fantastically irreverent Rumbunter.  We were able to go on the field during batting practice, talk with Frank Coonelly on the field, and then enjoy the game from a suite (with the Pens game on ROOT behind us).  Thanks go out to Terry Rodgers from the Pirates Social Media Department for setting up a fantastic evening.

Some bullet thoughts on the action (currently as of this writing in the 6th inning, the Pirates are down 2-1):

Morton was very good tonight, if not overly efficient.  He gave the grounds crew a break tonight by striking out 6 and not inducing as many ground balls.  His curve was really working tonight.

Presley’s inside-the-park-homer was a sight to behold.  As soon as the Cards’ CF crashed into the wall, it was assumed that Presley was going to make a beeline for home.  He got in with no problem.  That’s also the 2nd CF the Pirates can add to their pelt list of injuries.

Tabata might be breaking out, not in spectacular fashion, but he’s 2-2 and making solid contact.  Baby steps.  Barajas and Barmes are still in a coma at the plate, but Barmes had a nice unassisted double play in the first inning.

Right now Barajas, Alvarez, and Barmes are a black hole at 6-7-8.  There were a lot of flailing at bad pitches, weak check swings, and little contact.

The pitching is looking legit, with AJ Burnett on the way to give it more heft.  If 2-3 hitters break out soon, this could be a fun summer.

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