Mayo’s Latest Mock Draft Has Max Fried to Pirates

Jonathan Mayo’s latest mock draft was released today, and for the second time in a row he has prep left hander Max Fried going to the Pittsburgh Pirates. In his first mock draft, Mayo had Deven Marrero going to Pittsburgh. The last two have had Fried going with the eighth pick, with Mayo noting that the Pirates favoring good young arms in the past.

Mayo notes that Deven Marrero and Chris Stratton could both draw some consideration. He mentions that Stratton would get consideration if Mark Appel, Kevin Gausman, and Kyle Zimmer are off the board.

The first seven picks in this mock draft were Mark Appel, Byron Buxton, Mike Zunino, Kevin Gausman, Kyle Zimmer, Albert Almora, and Carlos Correa. If the draft actually goes in that order, then I’d go with either Fried, Marrero, or a healthy Lucas Giolito (who wasn’t included in this mock draft).




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We need to go with a big bat. We have a bunch of pitching prospects and we clearly need hitting desperately.


I like it…i think good pitching is more valuable than..a decent college hitter…keep the pitchers coming…his curveball is sick

Paul Carey Jr

Pirates pitching seems to be fairly decent, in the pros and farm system, but we seem to really be missing bats, why so much talk of taking a pitching prospect with the first pick?


Please not Fried, top HS arms tend to often lose velocity as pros which would make him a 89-90 lefty in the mold of Maholm. No thanks at #8 . In that scenario I&#8 217;d take Cecchini, Russell, Marerro, Dahl, Hawkins, or Shaffer.
I&#8 217;ll be surprised if all of the top 7 rated guys go #1 -7, I bet some team will try and save money at #1 for later rounds. Or some team will be a wildcard.
Stratton would be a bad reach.

Lee Young

if it falls the way mayo has it, I have a feeling we’ll take the SS. At least I hope so…



I hope that the Pirates are at least looking at Courtney Hawkins. He’s a bit raw, but the upside is excellent.

Lee Young

but can he play WR????


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