Pirates Add Doug Slaten to 40-Man; Cruz to Restricted List

The Pittsburgh Pirates have added right-handed reliever Juan Cruz to the restricted list so that he can return home to the Dominican Republic and attend to some personal business. As a corresponding move, they selected Doug Slaten from Indianapolis, purchasing his contract and adding him to the 25 and 40-man roster.

The Pirates already had an open spot on the 40-man, and Cruz opened up a spot on the 25-man roster. Slaten had an opt out clause in his contract that would allow him to become a free agent if he wasn’t added to the roster by June 1st. The left-hander has been dominating Triple-A, with a 0.36 ERA in 25.1 innings. He gave up a solo homer in his first appearance of the year, then pitched 24 straight shutout innings.

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The bottom line is they have more relievers healthy and producing then what they have room for. Washington is looking for a reliever. Who do they have on offense that’s an excess? I’d love to have Morse if he’s healthy which he isn’t right now.

Alicia Rothermund

That would be nice….idk if they’re that desperate though. However, you don’t know until you ask.

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