Pirates to Take a Hitter in the Draft?

Jim Callis has been busy on Twitter today with draft talk for all teams. When asked who he thinks the Pirates will take, he mentioned a hitter, and that he keeps hearing Deven Marrero, but that he could see Albert Almora or Mike Zunino. I think there’s a good chance Almora could be there, Marrero definitely would be there, and it would be a gift if Zunino somehow fell to eighth overall.

On Marrero, Callis said he’d still be a top 20 pick if the Pirates don’t go for him, due to his true shortstop ability. He also said that the appeal with Marrero is that he’s a true shortstop, and the bat isn’t terrible.

Surprisingly, he said that Mike Zunino was the most likely to fall out of the top five when presented with a list of Zunino, Kyle Zimmer, Kevin Gausman, and Mark Appel. He used a Jason Varitek comp for Zunino.

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Lee Young

I remember the year that a top catcher fell to us at #4 . Then we took Moskos.

Hoping Zunino falls to us AND we take him.

Alicia Rothermund

How much different would this team look if we had him now…

Murray Passarieu

I would think he stays a catcher. I’ve watched his whole college career and have never seen him play anywhere else. He calls his own pitches which is really rare in college. He’s a good defensive catcher with some serious pop in his bat. Also, he’s a great leader. I really don’t see him falling to the Bucs, but if he does, they need to take him.

Alicia Rothermund

This is something I’m not really up on, but given his offensive stats, might it be the defense that’s keeping Zunino from being a top-5 guy? He catches now right? It wouldn’t be surprising that his stock would fall if GM’s are looking at him as more of a corner outfielder or first base type.

Murray Passarieu

Not really that surprising, Tim. I’m a huge Florida Gators fan and Zunino is good but he has struggled against SEC pitching this year. Could be an anomaly, but his good numbers have been mostly put up against non-conference teams. That said, I would LOVE if he fell to us. I doubt it though because he’s good defensively and has a great attitude.

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