As Trade Deadline Approaches, Pirates Looking to Improve All Areas

The trade deadline may be five weeks away, but the Pirates have been having discussions on what they are looking for to improve this 2012 team. While the pitching has been very good all season, the offense has finally started to heat up in the month of June and it seems the team is starting to click on all cylinders.

The trade market is pretty much non-existent right, but Pirates’ manger Clint Hurdle said they are looking to improve the club in all areas.

“You’re looking to improve your club the best way you can,” Hurdle said. “What you want versus what you can get or what’s available, who wants to play or dance with you, who else has interest and finding a match. Those things all come into play. Right now, most teams are holding everything close to the vest. I think around July 4, Independence day, things might start to heat up a little bit. I think everybody will have a little better indicator.”

General Manager Neal Huntington said last week that the extra wild card this season has kept more clubs in the hunt longer, pushing back teams from trading this early in the season.

“There’s a lot of teams that they have mentioned a couple weeks from now we’ll know better,” Hurdle said. “Who knows if that’s a statement or there’s meaning to that. Us included, we will see. We’d like to first look for a way to impact the offense because we do feel that we are in a competitive position off the mound. We do have a couple areas we’ve got a surplus, or depth that might be attractive to somebody else.”

The Pirates have already been linked to a few names this year, with most of those names being corner infielders. However, they’ve also been linked to left-handed starter Joe Saunders, suggesting that their focus isn’t entirely on the offense.

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So much for my Wes Freeman for Mike Trout + cash proposal…damn.

Lee Young

Not confident we’ll see any trades made anytime soon. Waiver wire pickups at best, if even then.

Ian Rothermund

Well of course there aren’t going to be any trades any time soon. So you blame the Pirates for not magically forcing the hand of the trade market? Personally I still think that they aren’t close enough to start shipping off legit prospects, so I would be angry if there was some blockbuster deal.

Lee Young

Ian….where am I blaming the Pirates? My stance has been and will continue to be that ‘it takes two to tango’. It seems like every blogger and writer is saying we need to get this and get that, but nobody wants to trade.

I’m merely stating that we need to quit getting so bent out of shape. Chill. No trades are coming….etc, etc,

Ian Rothermund

I see now, tone is hard to capture in writing sometimes. When I first read that, I was taking it as, all they’ll be able to manage at any point because of some sort of mismanagement. I’m sorry, I’m just so programmed to read negativity into a lot of what people seem to write.

Lee Young

No problem….reading it again, I can see where it can be misconstrued that way.

Lee Young

No problem…


So much for that Joey Votto for Gerrit Cole trade 😉
Seriously, perhaps we shoudl withhold judgement about potential future deals until they happen, no?

Lee Young

I thought that was a given… lol

Ian Rothermund

I think we need to go into the “franchise options,” and turn fair trades to “off.”

Lee Young


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