Baseball America Has a New Name Going to Pirates

Jim Callis of Baseball America has released his fourth mock draft, and has a new name going to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Callis predicts prep outfielder David Dahl with the eighth overall pick after the top seven went in their usual order. He had a few interesting notes along with the pick.

**Callis notes that the rumors that the Pirates will go for Marrero have died out.

**He said that the Pirates prefer a hitter, ruling out Fried.

**He also mentioned Courtney Hawkins as an alternative to Dahl.

**He said the Pirates could go with Albert Almora or Mike Zunino if either one fell to eighth.

The easy way to describe Dahl would be an “Albert Almora lite”. The two have similar tools, but Almora has the advantage due to his work ethic, makeup, and his feel for the game. Both profile as potential power/speed center fielders.




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Paul Carey Jr

I also would not be surprised if
Lucas Giolito was the pick especially with the Allie situation

Paul Carey Jr

Yeah I am thinking it is Zunino, Almora, Hawkins, Dahl, Marrero, but I also thought we would go with Machado instead of Tallion a few years back…

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