Kevin Goldstein’s Updated Mock Draft Has Big Changes For Pirates

Earlier today Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus released a mock draft with his top ten picks. The Pirates were taking Deven Marrero in the mock draft, as Goldstein noted that everyone in the industry had them taking the shortstop.

Goldstein updated his draft board today after a lot of phone calls, and has a totally different result. This time he has Florida catcher Mike Zunino falling to the Pirates with the eighth pick. He notes that few teams from picks nine to 20 have Deven Marrero in their mix. He also points out that Zunino is far better, and could make up for Tony Sanchez’s disappointing results.

I’ve previously pointed out that Zunino would be the best case scenario for the Pirates. I think you could make an argument for Carlos Correa, if he sticks at shortstop, but Correa doesn’t have a shot at falling, while it seems more likely that Zunino could fall to eight overall.

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Matt Beam

anybody notice the power Miguel Sano, albeit with not an outstanding BA, has displayed in A ball over the last year? He just turned 19 and his power sure would look nice in our system. I know our recent experiment of signing lots of projectable arms in one draft doesn’t look so great right now, but any reason why we wouldn’t try something similar with power hitting prospects? Look what M. ADAMS of Slippery Rock has turned into for the Cardinals with a low round pick. I just don’t understand drafting speedy defensive type players anymore, those guys can be found much more easily on the FA market, which is why Neal should be fired IMO if he draft Marrero


interesting he had fried as the one who jumps up to knock him down…he and the gators will be on espn tonight with no buccos on might as well watch that..i wonder if college baseball will grow with the new cba..i hope so they have a great tourny every year


This is no criticism of this site or the readers but I quit getting excited about draft picks. Nobody really knows how a player will develop until he reaches the majors.
That doesn’t mean I’ve lost interest in the farm or the Pirates or this site just that I’m not holding my breath hoping this or that guy falls to the Pirates because whatever happens it will take years and a lot of good fortune for that player to become a solid major leaguer and usually the player that everybody was hot to get turns into less than was hoped for.


Anyone can catch, but above average catchers are tough to find, not many teams in major league baseball have one. Zunino is a no brainer if he falls to the Bucs. Look at the difference Barajas has made to the Pirate pitching staff!


Correa would be the best option fro the Pirates if he fell that far. It’s easier to find a catcher who can catch and hit some — Barajas and Doumit anyone? — than it is to find a shortstop who can hit a ton.


Correa’s bat ought to play anywhere. Zunnio’s?


The Pirates wouldn’t need him anywhere else. But it would be great if Zunino were the hitter Correa projects to be, a hitter who could hit enought to play first or a corner outfield position,


The Pirates wouldn’t need him anywhere else. But it would be great if Zunino were the hitter Correa projects to be, a hitter who could hit enought to play first or a corner outfield position,

Murray Passarieu

I keep saying there’s no way Zunino falls to us, but you’ve got me hoping! I’m a huge Gators fan and while he’s had an up and down year at the plate, his defense and leadership is awesome, and he does have a lot of pop in his bat. I still don’t think he falls to 8, but I sure hope so. It would be a blast seeing him in a Bucs uniform after watching him the last 3 years with Florida.

Lee Young

I will fast and pray until Monday night if it’ll get us Zunino!!

Sackcloth and Ashes Foo


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