Mark Appel Has Bad Start in Super Regional Game

Mark Appel struggled tonight in the Super Regional game against Florida State. - Image Courtesy: Pittsburgh Pirates

Mark Appel was pitching for Stanford tonight in the Super Regional against Florida State. The Pirates’ number one draft pick was cruising through three innings, giving up a walk and a hit and striking out one, needing 47 pitches to get to that point. However, the right-hander fell apart in the fourth inning.

Appel started off the inning with back-to-back singles. He followed that up by going 1-2 on the next batter, before hitting him with a pitch, his second hit batter of the game. An error by the shortstop brought in the first run of the game, and kept the inning without any outs.

Appel then saw some control issues. He walked the next two batters, with the second walking on four pitches, bringing in two runs. After back-to-back singles brought in two more runs, Appel threw a wild pitch, bringing in the sixth run of the inning.

The right-hander got his first out with a swinging strikeout. He gave up a sacrifice fly for the second out, making the score 7-1, but got out of the inning against the next batter with another strikeout.

Appel was pulled after four innings, giving up seven runs (five earned) on five hits and four walks, with three strikeouts. His control was off, especially in the fourth inning. He ended up throwing an alarming 48 pitches in the inning, ending the day at 95 pitches. Putting that in perspective, the Pirates usually pull pitchers if they’re at 30 pitches in a single inning, regardless of what inning they’re in.

If Stanford loses the best of three series this weekend against Florida State, that will end Appel’s season.

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He lost it in the 3rd inning but got through it due to poor hitting. HBP, a hit, a BB but got a couple easy fly balls. His velocity was also down in the 3rd. Very unimpressive showing.


I’m not sure if anyone can clarify, but looking at the gun – I saw fastballs at 89mph, not 95-98mph… Should we book Dr. Andrews now?


so he has an 89 mph slider?

Scott Shepherd

Normally always root against FSU teams, but will make an exception to get Appel away from his college coach and those kind of crazy pitch counts.

Murray Passarieu

I agree. I hate FSU, but get Appel out of there. I wouldn’t blame Marquess though. Appel has a rep for being a little shaky at times.


I’m sure Boras will find an angle why this performance should not affect the Pirates having to pay Appel a signing bonus of at least 4 million…

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