Mark Appel’s College Season Over As Stanford Eliminated

On Friday night, Mark Appel had a dreadful fourth inning, leading to a 17-1 loss by Stanford against Florida State. Tonight, Florida State had another huge victory, winning 18-7 against Stanford, this time getting to Brett Mooneyham, who was selected by Washington in the third round of the 2012 draft. The loss eliminates Stanford, ending Appel’s 2012 college season.

The good news is that Appel won’t be subjected to the high pitch counts at Stanford now. He threw 48 pitches in the fourth inning on Friday, and threw 122 pitches in his complete game victory last week. The bad news is that this won’t speed up the Appel negotiations. It’s still unlikely that he will sign before the July 13th deadline, although at least he won’t be facing any more ridiculous pitch counts between now and then.




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Frankly I love the high pitch counts, and I poo poo all the people who live by 100 pitch counts. I think it builds strength for the pitcher just like repetitions of other workouts – Do you cry about marathon runners, or Lance Armstrong pedeling up a mountain? Better yet do you think you get tired or should be rated on the same scale as Lance as far as how far up the mountain you should be allowed to go before we tell you to get off the bike? Get a wake up call people – a pitcher should be pulled when he no longer controls the ball in the strike zone – due to inability or fatigue which varies greatly. A pitcher usually injures himself when his mechanics are poor not because of 20 additional throws over 100.


I’m just waiting for another Appel/Boras statement now along the lines “Even though the season is now over for me, there’s still the exams I have to worry about. Also I have to clean my room and go to the supermarket to buy milk and cornflakes. And I was thinking about maybe buying a cat. So unfortunately I have no time at all to think about things like the MLB draft or negotiating with the Pirates. by the way: Where again do they play ?
Philadelphia ? Pittsburgh ? Or was it Phoenix ?”

Lee Young

Nothing wrong with getting a cat…………….:) ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚


Dear Scottie and Mark:

They play in the only place where a bonus check is waiting for you. See if you can find it. Try Google Maps.

John Lease

But, they want $7 million! Or 10! Scott won’t let him play for a penny less! ๐Ÿ™‚


I don’t know why a prep pitching prospect like Giolito would go to college given the abuse they will endure. A college education could cost them millions of dollars.


Both BA and Biertempel are reporting that Mathisen signed for exactly slot.


Does he know if he gets in the system a month sooner, he can start pulling down those $800 monthly paychecks, plus the per diems!

Lee Young

At least we don’t have to wait until mid Aug any more.


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