Alen Hanson Leads Baseball America’s Hot Sheet With Sano Comparison

Baseball America has released their weekly hot sheet, and Pittsburgh Pirates shortstop prospect Alen Hanson is number one this week. Hanson hit for a .324/.343/.735 line in 34 at-bats with four homers over the last week to get to the top spot.

The writeup on Hanson made an interesting note on Miguel Sano. Sano was signed in 2009, the same year that Hanson was signed. The article points out that Hanson received less fanfare and money. However, Baseball America notes that Hanson has closed the gap between the two players, with Sano still being the better of the two prospects. They also noted that Hanson has a broader set of skills, and that he’s been the pop-up story of 2012.

Yesterday Baseball America ranked Hanson as the 40th best prospect in the game. Sano was ranked 22nd.

Also in the hot sheet is a write up about Jeff Locke, who put up a 0.69 ERA in 13 innings over two starts this week. Baseball America noted that Locke is “well on his way to a career as a mid-rotation starter for the Pirates”.




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James S

Sounds to me like Locke would make great trade bait for a good major league hitter.


I believe Hanson has made the list four times this year. The Locke note was encouraging as I often heard him described as a back of the rotation major leaguer.

Lee Young

After all the Sano grief, wouldn’t it be great if Hanson ended up better than him AND stuck at SS?


I’m with you, Lee, but it wouldn’t stop all the doomsayers on the P-G blogs.

Dave Parker's Unfiltered Camel

Lot of ignorance on the P-G blogs.

Lee Young

An amen to that thought, brother!! Can’t wait for the ‘Neal’s asleep at the switch’ comments to start showing up, when he’s been the most active GM since he’s been on the job.

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