Daniel McCutchen to Join Pirates Bullpen

  • Is he still coming with Qualls in the picture? Qualls isn’t too good, btw.

  • D-Cutch will be on a short leash with Leroux or Morris getting a quick call if he struggles. I expect McCutchen to be what he has always been. Average to solid average.

  • John DiVito
    July 31, 2012 2:12 pm

    Morris will be part of the bullpen next year… curious as to why they have not given him more of a shot this year.

    McCutchen seemed to be the odd man out in AAA lately as many were talking about waiving him. We’ll see if he sticks in the majors this year; he was very good in the first half last year.

  • Relievers are interchangeable, lots of options at AAA Lincoln was primarily a 6th inning guy, Morris or others are capable of this role.
    The most exciting thing about all of this is that a power bat like Snider was acquired for a reliever only. It would be like giving up Alvarez for Venters from Atlanta – would anyone do that trade? No, because power rules.
    Mark it down, this may be Neal Huntingtons signature trade. Love this deal.

  • Morris will still be part of this second half at some point IMO.

  • Not a fan of this… Was with the idea of Morris getting the call…