Less Than An Hour To Go: Brandon Thomas, Walker Buehler, Slot Prices

Less than an hour to go before the MLB draft signing deadline. Here are some quick hits.

**I just heard back from a source with Georgia Tech saying that the Brandon Thomas negotiations are “up in the air”. He hasn’t ruled out signing yet. His slot price in the fourth round is $336,700.

**The Pirates could still offer 14th round pick Walker Buehler $650,740 without losing a draft pick. That figure assumes that Mark Appel and Brandon Thomas don’t sign. If Thomas signs, the amount goes up by about $17,000.

**If the Pirates spent their remaining over-slot money (currently $384,400) and spent their current 5% extra (not counting Appel), they would still have $2.9 M to offer Appel at the deadline, plus the extra 5% on his bonus, which would be a total of $3.045 M.

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