Monday Trade Rumors: Shane Victorino, Matt Garza, Starling Marte

Here are a few updates on the trade front, via MLBTR.

**The Pirates were one of six teams scouting Matt Garza this weekend, according to ESPN Chicago’s Doug Padilla. I wouldn’t read much in to it other than due diligence. There’s usually a big gap between scouting a player and trying to trade for him. It’s also important to note that Garza was going up against Arizona. So the scout could have been there to watch Justin Upton.

**Jon Morosi of FOX Sports talks to one executive who predicts that Shane Victorino will be the first big name to be moved. Morosi mentions the Pirates as one of six teams who have scouted Victorino recently, although he highlights the Dodgers in his article.

**Ken Rosenthal reports that scouts and executives from multiple clubs are expressing doubt about the chances of Starling Marte becoming a star. Rosenthal quoted one scout who feels Marte is a “tweener”, with shaky instincts for center, and not enough power for left. The same scout also cited his poor stolen base numbers this year. The steals are a concern, but this is the first I’ve heard anyone express doubt in Marte’s defensive abilities. Rosenthal mentions that it seems unlikely Marte could be a centerpiece in a deal for someone like Justin Upton.

**Baseball America has a feature on Marte.




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James Vargo

I don’t want to lose Marte. I see him as the 1st or 2nd best Bucco prospect. A single away from the cycle tonight. I think he has star potential, and I think he should be up proving it right now!

D.j. Carozza

I would love for us to get Willigham

James S

Give me a break. The scouts and even you guys said Andrew McCutchen didn’t have 30 hr per year power as recently as last year. The fact is that what Marte is now, he will likely not be in two-three years. Players grow, adjust, and improve. (or get worse, but I don’t see that in Marte’s case).
Sounds like nothing more than people trying to downgrade his value so they can get him easier in a trade. Anyone having played fantasy baseball for over 20 years like me has heard the same kind of trash talk from other owners trying to get you to trade your best players for as cheap as they can get them.
Also don’t forget all the bums those same scouts gushed on about over the years – Chad Hermanson, Lastings Milledge, Doug Frobel…you could write telephone book sized catalog of all the bums that scouts have been ridiculously wrong about.

Tyler Groesch

i think we trade for victorino and/or quentin. if we only get one of them we call up marte. then trade for wandy or dempster.


I like Marte as a future all star in RF, with Taillon and Cole on the bump. I don’t want to trade any of them. Stay firm NH

F Lang

Anyone who was scouting McCutchen when he was in AAA they would have said the same thing about his power. Marte’s HRs have been increasing, as has his patience at the plate. Scouts say a lot of things they are wrong about. Baseball America had Alen Hanson ranked 27th on the Bucs top 30 and no mention of Gregory Polanco or Willy Garcia in the book (they list about 75 guys in the Bucs minors) Even the ‘experts’ are often wrong. I’d take the opinion of a very informed fan who understands a the game very well and goes to all the teams home games over a BA writer or a scout that sees a kid play 5-6 games a year.


I would rather get Victorino then Upton…victorino is a class act and a hard player. He is having an off year and would come a lot cheaper. Also, he would be a nice leadoff hitter which we desperately need!!!!


The Pirates have played musical chairs at leadoff trying to find the hot bat. Victorino is a winner and he puts the ball in play – 32 walks and only 43 K’s, 19 SB’s, and a solid defender. I think he is a FA at the end of this year, so it’s a big gamble for the Bucs, but the price would be a lot less and he could be just that extra veteran presence that could help down the stretch..

Mike Adamson

GM’s using the media to lower prospects values!!! To funny and I hope we dont fall for it.

John DiVito

That is fine with me… we’ll keep Marte and let him prove all those scouts wrong 🙂

Lee Young

I am a Victorino fan.

I have doubts about Marte, too. Not as bad as that ‘scout’, tho.


maybe a K-Marte?? lol

Lee Young

Maybe he’ll truly be a Super-Marte?

ok….we have to stop this NOW….lol


Honestly, I’m undecided on a trade for Upton. There are a lot of question marks and a lot of money involved, not to mention prospects (which I believe to a certain extent to be expendable). Doesn’t Upton also have a thumb injury from S.T., maybe which hasn’t healed correctly?
In the end, I don’t think this deal gets done.
OTOH, the Pirates need a quick fix in the OF and a deal for Victorina wouldn’t be as costly.
As wrong as I am about a lot of things, I expect a deal no one sees coming. Maybe someone like Span???

F Lang

I don’t think Span is good enough to trade prospects for. I feel like a hot Presley, Marte, or Tabata can do what Span does.

Lee Young

Not a Span Fan…Spam on the other hand….esp in the hands of a ‘python’


A surprise like…the Yankees just giving us Curtis Granderson as a thank you for taking AJ Burnett off their hands.
A side note: I’d love it if they got him someday because he is my wifes favorite player (she is from Detroit) so then she wouldn’t complain (as much) when I talk about/read about/watch/collect/generally obsess about the Buccos on a daily/hourly/by-the-minute basis.

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