Pirates Focused on Bullpen and Bench Help

Jon Heyman of CBS Sports says that the Pittsburgh Pirates will be focusing on their bullpen and bench after they filled their outfield spot with Travis Snider last night. He points out that they didn’t deal Gerrit Cole or Jameson Taillon, which likely rules out options such as Shin-Soo Choo, and others who would require a top prospect today.

One trend to note: the Pirates have added a cheap reliever around the deadline in each of the last two years. Last year they signed Jason Grilli as a minor league free agent. The year before they claimed Chris Resop off waivers. I’d be surprised if they sent away any big prospects to fill their bullpen needs, as that doesn’t seem to be how they approach building a bullpen.




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jeez…how about a shortstop?


how about victor black, major league arm .

William Almes

whatever pirates wont be do nothing anyways. NH is a piss poor GM whos has no money.

Justin Hunter

Agree with Lee from a previous post… a RH corner OF that is strong vs. LHP would be a nice addition.

I’m fine if Morris takes over for Lincoln.

Lee Young

They have Cruz coming back and Morris in the minors?

John DiVito

Yes, there is no need to give up anything of value for a righty reliever.

Now, finding another decent lefty option might be a priority. We don’t have much other than Watson.

Lee Young

Move Bedard to the ‘pen. Make KC the 5th starter. Bring up Moskos….oh wait….lol

Maybe they’ll bring Slaten back up?

Gonna be interesting….


I know he doesn’t have any MLB experience- and not sure if he’s on the 40 man roster- but what about Justin Wilson as lefty out of the bullpen? Throws hard, lots of K’s. Drawback is that he has been a little wild in the past. Still having a hard throwing lefty that can rake K’s would be very very helpful

Lee Young

That drawback makes him similar to Mike Gonzalez? Might be worth a shot, but I think they still like him as a starter?

John DiVito

Bedard… oh gosh, what to do with Bedard?

Slaten would need to go back on the 40-man since and since he cleared waivers a few weeks back, which should indicate his value. I’m still a little surprised Moskos was waived… he still had value. Lincoln was the example of a 26 year old finally putting things together… why not Moskos?

Regardless.. I agree, this should be really interesting

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