Pirates Get A First Round Compensation Pick In the 2013 Draft

Major League Baseball held their first Competitive Balance Lottery today, awarding compensation picks to small market and low revenue teams. The Pittsburgh Pirates received the second pick in the first compensation round.

The Pirates had a 10.5% chance of getting the top pick in the draft, and were tied for the fourth most combinations in the lottery, based on their 2011 standings. Their pick currently would be 33rd overall in the 2013 draft. That number will most likely move down with free agent compensation picks, although it won’t move down far, as compensation picks will be harder to get. Right now, with the compensation pick for Mark Appel, plus the regular first round pick, the Pirates have three of the first 33 picks in the draft.

The Competitive Balance picks can be traded, and could factor in to this year’s trade deadline discussion. In the past for the trade values series, we’ve used a value of $2.5 M for each compensation draft pick. That value could go up this year with a tougher road to get compensation picks.

Take Carlos Quentin, as an example. In the past, San Diego might have been able to get a compensation pick or two for him. Now they’d have to offer him $12.5 M, and hope he turned that down. Any team dealing for him would be paying less than previous years because they wouldn’t get a compensation pick to go along with him. In those situations, we could see teams trading the player for the guaranteed compensation pick. That’s just speculation, and might not play out that way in Quentin’s case. One of the story lines over the next two weeks will be following how the compensation picks are valued.

  • I believe that the new comp pick rules state when a team signs a compensated player they forfeit their first round pick, but that pick goes to nobody else… if the Angels sign Grienke (forget about trade rumors), then the Angels lose their first round pick (first round condenses to 30), and the Brewers get a comp pick at the end of the first… Pirates lottery pick would still be 33.

    If a team has a top 10 pick, and a signing grants a compensation pick, then that would push us down the pecking order as top 10 first rounders default to their next pick (more than likely 2nd round). However, there aren’t many guys projecting as top 125 paid players that are free agents on teams that are likely to finish in the bottom 3rd teams in the league.

    This pick should be 33 come next June.

  • Great! Now we have the #9 pick and two other 1st round picks.

  • buccotime57
    July 18, 2012 4:09 pm

    We NEED to get it right next year!!! Manchado and Bundy make me nervous…

  • I was watching the mlb network and started to worry as they revealed pick after pick and no Pirates. It would be great to squeak into the playoffs this year and thn still have 3 of the top 40 picks next year. Getting the #2 takes the sting off of not getting Appel and gives us more flexibility with our money next year…or maybe even helps us not give up as much of our minors at the deadline this year.