Pirates Inquired about B.J. Upton, Billy Butler, and Shane Victorino

In his Sunday column, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes that the Pirates may have interest in the other Upton brother, this time B.J. from the Tampa Rays.  He also mentions that they inquired about Billy Butler (1B) from the Royals and Shane Victorino (OF) from the Phillies.  These little snippets were within a section on Justin Upton and how he has not drawn as much interest as expected.

The whole article is about how the sticker price for many players is outrageous right now.  One NL front office member said his team inquired about a lefty pitcher and “…they asked us for our best pitching, best hitting, and a couple of other established players. I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ That’s why I’m thinking despite all the talking, I’m not sure much is going to get done.”

Although the trade log jam was broken with the 10 player swap meet between the Astros and Blue Jays, followed by the Rockies-Royals Guthrie-for-Sanchez trade, perhaps the Brett Myers trade to the White Sox yesterday will kick off the true trade season this week.





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Billy Butler? I’ve heard a lot of names, but that one moves to the top of the wishlist. Signed through 2014 with option for 2015. I would part with any of our guys for him.


I’ll be glad when this trade deadline is over. These reports are getting as tedious as Farve,Tebow and Marte debates. Why don’t you people wait until there is really something concrete to talk about.


If you’re not interested in the subject, you can always not click on the post.


I only clicked on to have my say about these stupid reports. So far the Pirates have been associated with half the players in baseball.


Padres signed Carlos Quentin to a 3 year 27 million dollar contract today and he can’t be traded without his permission. After this weekend’s offensive production and Tim’s story on Marte this morning, I’m starting to get concerned with the offense. They’re having trouble with decent pitchers like Sanchez and last Sunday against Gallardo. Maybe it’s time to see what happens if Alvarez goes back to cleanup to take some pressure off McCutchen.


Please say no to BJ Upton, no use for a guy who plays the game right only when he wants to. This team doesn’t need a negative type like that during this good run. Wouldn’t take him for free, even if the Rays kicked in for the rest of his salary(technically, I would do that, then trade him for absolutely anything before he got a chance to put on a Pirates uniform)


The reports on Tabata “dogging it” in AAA implying that he did so on the big club are enough. We’ve seen enough of that over the past 20 years. I would take 20 Jeff Karstens, max effort and minimum talent, than one Tabata ,the converse, anyday.

Lee Young

Not a BJ fan either.


oh the jokes to be spun on this comment. need… to… keep… to… myself…

Lee Young

white angus…is it too late to change that the ‘Not’ an “Am”??



Um, yeah…better leave that one alone.

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