Pirates Likely Suitors For Chase Headley

According to Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, the market for third baseman Chase Headley is heating up, and the Pittsburgh Pirates are one of seven teams who are likely suitors. Heyman mentions the Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Orioles, Indians, and at least two other teams as the other teams who could be in on Headley.

We’ve heard the Pirates linked to Headley before. Kevin Creagh looked at his trade value last month, noting that he would cost $19.6 M in value.

Headley has a lot of value because he’s under team control through the 2014 season. A team that added him would be adding him for two and a half years, rather than just a normal summer rental. His value could be higher if teams pay for what he could do outside of Petco Park, rather than his lower numbers in Petco this year.

I wrote last month how Headley was the perfect fit for the Pirates. The recap of that theory:

**The Pirates need offense, and Headley puts up good offensive numbers outside of Petco Park.

**The Pirates could definitely use another option at third base in the event that the recent hot streak from Pedro Alvarez doesn’t last.

**Headley is better as a left-handed hitter, which fits well with PNC Park.

**He gets on base at a great rate, which is an area where the Pirates are weak.

**He’s under control for multiple years, so giving up prospects wouldn’t just be for a rental.

That was back when Alvarez first started his recent hot streak, which has continued in to July. It was when the team was only hitting for a few weeks in June. However, as I mentioned in the article, I’m not sure I’d deal one of the top prospects to get Headley. Dealing someone like Starling Marte wouldn’t make sense, as Marte is close to providing short-term and long-term production. I wouldn’t deal Alen Hanson, since a shortstop prospect with his bat is rare.

In the article I said I wouldn’t give up any of the top seven prospects for Headley, but that I would give up any three prospects from the remaining prospects in the system to get a deal done.




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From what I gather, there aren’t any impact bats that are currently available. So I suggest that the Bucs wait until someone more useful becomes available.


I agree with Tim on this one. Headley is good, and would certainly help. However, not worth a top prospect. The question is would SD take a bunch of 2nd tier prospects? I guess we’ll see. I’d like to see what the A’s would take for Seth Smith. Haven’t heard specifically that they are shopping him, but can’t see why they wouldn’t deal him.


I doubt we could acquire him since we won’t overpay. Some team like the Dodgers or Angels will give up too much to get him.

eric gaumann

I’d rather get an upgrade at SS. 3B is not the hole that SS is, at this point or going forward into the near future. It IS, however, time to start thinking about what can be done to keep this team in what seems like legitimate contender status.

Kirk Lee

I think we need to be more open minded about selling top prospects. That’s not to say we need to sacrifice the farm system, but rather, there’s nothing special that makes our top prospects more valuable than those of other teams. Why not trade a top prospect or two for a guy like Headley, and then deal from an area of strength (ie the bullpen (specifically Hanrahan)) to acquire a top prospect from a contender with a shallow bullpen. The Bucs would be better with an upgrade on offense and a replacement in the bullpen, and the farm system could pretty much tread water.



I may be a dissenting opinion but I think he is worth a top ten prospect. He is a good hitter just entering his prime. Throw in team control for 2 years or so and he really could make an impact here. I think Holt, Mercer, and either Presley or Tabata plus cash could net us Headley.

Dave Parker's Unfiltered Camel

I’m like others on here. If he can play in the outfield, he would be a nice addition to Cutch, Marte/Presley/Tabata. His bat could make a big difference in this lineup. Just don’t want to give up top prospects for him.

Craig Biddle

A package of one of the 3 lefty starter from Indy, a RP like Tim Wood or Bryan Morris, and Jordy Mercer or Chase d’Arnaud would be attractive to a lot of teams.

Albert Zangrilli

There’s a big gap in the mix-n-match you’re offering, Craig. Tim Wood is an organizational depth guy; Bryan Morris has regained his status as a top bullpen prospect. Jordy Mercer’s also a good piece while d’Arnaud is really a bench guy at best. Any of the 3 lefties plus Morris plus Mercer would be a heavy price, even with as deep as our farm system has become.


Headley is certainly interesting. Switch hitter and hits for a decent average. I wonder though if he can play the outfield. But considering the tear Jones and McGehee are on I don’t see the Pirates getting too desperate. However, a line up of with Marte, Cutch and Headley in the outfield and a Jones/Mcgehee platoon on first sounds good to me. Presley and Sutton as backups. Not too bad at all. I’d prefer Willingham though I think.


The Padres have a deep and well regarded minor league system. Because of this they are unlikely to trade Headley for a group of mid-level prospects.

I’d pass if the price is high.

James S

That’s Headley.
Excuse me while I whip this (quote) out.
(Blazing Saddles)

John Lease

As long as the price isn’t too high, why not. Give them bulk mid level prospects.


Headley played over 100 games in the outfield in 2009. I wonder if he could return there considering the Pirates need for outfield help.

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