Pirates Not Optimistic About Finding a Hitter

Ken Rosenthal has the following update on the Pittsburgh Pirates’ search for a hitter.

We’ve heard the Pirates linked to almost every hitter who is available on the market, and some hitters who aren’t really mentioned as being available. But this is a seller’s market, so it would make sense that the asking prices were high.

We heard today that the Pirates are less interested in Chase Headley, and that the Padres could be looking for a megadeal. Justin Upton is apparently off the block, after the Pirates were linked to him in several rumors over the last month. Then there are rentals. The Pirates have been linked to Shane Victorino, but were apparently turned down by an offer of Jared Hughes and a minor leaguer (the Phillies apparently want Brad Lincoln).

The Pirates recently called up Starling Marte, which could lessen the need for a hitter. However, I find it hard to believe that the Pirates would be linked to so many hitters, only to give up four days before the deadline. As Rosenthal mentions, a lot can change before the deadline.




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I would love to see the Bucs get Josh Willingham. He’s an affordable ($7mil/year through 2014) middle-of-the-order guy and can play the corners in the OF or at 1B. He wouldn’t come cheap though, even if the Pirates pick up the check on the rest of his contract. I wonder what it would take to get him…

Tyler Groesch

since phillies might be selling and trying to get rid of salary so they don’t have to pay tax i wonder what it would take in a package for hunter pence and jimmy rollins. lineup would be sick.
1. Rollins- SS
2. Walker- 2B
3. Cutch- CF
4. Pence- RF
5. Marte- LF
6. Alverez- 3B
7. Jones- 1B
8. Barajas/Fort- C

Dave Parker's Unfiltered Camel

Anyone in need of a #4 or #5 starter? It’s a seller’s market, so we should be able to take advantage and get some value for Correia. A solid outfield bat that puts Jones back to first and Casey on the bench.

Vicente Barletta

After all the names that have been thrown out there for the Pirates, I think the really nice fit would be Shoo from the Indians. I don´t think it will happen, but he has great OBP. Imagine a the following lineup.
Marte LF, Shoo RF, McCutchen, Alvarez, Walker, Jones 1b, Barajas/McKenry, Barmes.
Then you got a bench of Presley, McGehee, Mercer, Harrison and the C: a combination of power (McGehee), defense (Presley) and speed (Presley, Mercer)


Choo would actually be #1 on my list. Cost wouldn’t be terrible after the injury/law filled year he had last year. Cleveland says they are buying, I don’t buy it.

James S

I’d hate to part with Jared Hughes, he has been lights out all year, and looks to have a good future. I would give the trading of Brad Lincoln some more thought if I were Huntington. Remember, Lincoln has had his arm surgically rebuilt once already, he is a good candidate to have it happen again.
I hate to part with him too, but if they can get Victorino and possibly demand a good prospect along with him to make moving Lincoln more pallatable, it wouldnt be such a bad idea. I wouldn’t get too caught up in how well Lincoln has been this year. That injury possibility with him should definitely be considered.


I’m pretty sure it is less likely to happen after it has been repaired. Lincoln is much better than Hughes in relief.


What in the world are you basing this ridiculous claim on: “Remember, Lincoln has had his arm surgically rebuilt once already, he is a good candidate to have it happen again.”
Are you an ortho doctor?

Stephen Stasa

I think teams heard “extra wildcard ” and “seller’s market” and went a little overboard. I think the Phillies are mostly likely to come down in price. They’ll have to realize teams aren’t going to pay a lot just to get a big name having a down year (Victorino .706 OPS : Pence .781 OPS), or they won’t get anything. Pence would fit perfectly as a RF, but with another year of arb., the Phillies may want to hold on to him thinking they’ll be a contender again next year. Victorino doesn’t fit as well as Pence, but has played RF in his career and the Phillies have very little reason to hold on to him.

F Lang

With Garrett Jones hitting lefties a lot better, Barmes starting to hit, and Marte up I feel like we just need a good off the bench-type hitter. Someone like a giambi to give us a professional AB late in games would be great…and he wouldn’t hurt the clubhouse either. No way he could cost much prospect-wise and for less than 400K the rest of the way. His lack of versatility wouldn’t hurt much with the rosters expanding in a month anyways.


Bring in Giambi? If the price is right I don’t mind. I believe you are referring to the “golden thong” era in NY. Hey they won at least one with them, right?

James S

I’m surprised with the Cubs ready to pay most of Soriano’s salary that the Pirates havent jumped at that. Soriano practically single-handedly defeated the Pirates in the first two games of the Cubs series. The guy is dangerous at the plate no matter what. Excellent power hitter who always knocks in runners. And his manager, former Pirates player Dale Sveum has said publicly that he is NOT a clubhouse problem, and that he is professional in his approach to the game, and plays all out constantly. I tend to believe Sveum, he hasn’t been known to lie about such things.

Lee Young

If we can survive Soriano’s defense in RF, and if the Cubs pay most of his salary, I think he’d be a great addition. I wonder what hiscasking price is…

Lee Young

‘his asking price’

Tim States

I know that the Cubs are down on Castro’s horrible OBP, but they would have to be stupid to just throw him into a Soriano deal. The Pirates would have to give up a ton for that package and other than Castro, why would you even want the other guys?

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