Pirates Sign 18th Round Pick For $25 K Over Slot

The Pittsburgh Pirates have signed 18th round pick John Kuchno for $125 K, according to Jim Callis of Baseball America. Kuchno is a hard throwing right hander with a fastball that can touch 95, and a power curve. Both pitches have the potential to be plus offerings.

The deal was for more than the $100,000 limit for picks after the tenth round, which means $25,000 counts towards the overall bonus pool. In the big picture, that reduces the available money the Pirates have to give Mark Appel.

The draft pick signing tracker has been updated.




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F Lang

If Appel doesn’t sign it will be tough to boost his value over 4 mil next year pitching in Indy ball. If he wanted to stay in college he wouldn’t have hired an agent, let alone a superagent. It all comes down to whether Appel want to swallow his pride a little and Trump his agent and get out there and get in a real system. Appel is no Cole or Taillon so he didn’t deserve more than 5 mil anyways. 3.8 mil is way better than waiting and tearing a rotator cuff next spring and being totally out of the money. Would you pass up a 4 million dollar lottery ticket for a 50/50 chance of a 5 million dollar ticket next year? It’s ludicrous! Life is too short to not get that kind of money in your pocket. It sets you and your family up for life either way.

F Lang

Kuchno and Buehler will help offset Appel if we can get it done. Appel not signing would really hurt if we had the system depth of 3 years ago but with Cole, Taillon, Heredia it is not the end of the world if he doesn’t sign…even though we haven’t had a lot of luck with our over slot arms so far since the new fo took over.


I was hoping they would sign Kuchno. He sounds like a very intriguing prospect.

Steve Dimmick

interesting, either they think Appel wont sign or they have made a lower offer to him than 3.8m

Lee Young

In other words, Mr Appel, meet Mr Harrington!

Lee Young

I hope they offered him less than $3.8m. I want us to sign as many of Buehler, Ross and Thomas as we can.

I’m starting to hope Appel never signs and ends up getting about $1.5m NEXT year.

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