Pirates Not Pursuing Chase Headley

UPDATE 2:28 PM: Jon Morosi reports that the Pirates are not actively pursuing Chase Headley at this point.

UPDATE 1:00 PM: Jon Morosi says that the asking price for Headley is still high with three hours to go.

11:29 AM: Jon Heyman of CBS Sports has the latest on Chase Headley:

The Pirates have been connected to Headley a lot, but recent reports said that they were less interested in him. You’d have to think a Headley deal would require someone like Starling Marte and more going the other way. But considering the deals the Pirates have made so far (avoiding dealing a top prospect), it seems unlikely that they’d be willing to pay the price for Headley.

Headley has a lot of potential value outside of Petco Park. His career numbers on the road are a .299/.369/.448 line. However, he might not be the best fit for the Pirates with Pedro Alvarez playing so well at third base. Headley’s most valuable position is third (where he puts up strong defense). His bat doesn’t look as good in a corner outfield spot, and his defense would struggle there. He’s never played first base, and I’m not sure what type of an upgrade his bat would be over a platoon of Garrett Jones and Casey McGehee.

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Snider and Headley is a nice platoon with Jones/McGehee platoon at 1B. I love the Snider/Lincoln trade but should Snider be heavily relied on alone in RF?

John DiVito

I don’t think Headley would be the type of player you platoon, especially considering the price the Padres are asking for him.

I think either Sutton or Presley would be fine as a platoon with Snider if you want to do that… I think we need to give him a shot as an everyday player to determine his value.


Pass. Headley’s hypothetical numbers can go somewhere else. Something left-handed in BP might work or even SS/1B.

John DiVito

Headley’s value is at Third. If we are not going to play him there, his defense in Left or Right would be a liability and take away from his value. Alvarez is our third basemen, so I see no reason to overpay for Headley.


Wouldn’t this take away virtually all playing time for Jones and McGehee? If Headley played first and our outfield was Snider/McCutchen/Marte, they wouldn’t fit in, or is Snider not expected to be in the everyday lineup?


If Marte wasn’t included he’d go back to AAA. He still needs a LOT of work on offspeed recognition.

Bryan Graham

Garrett Jones has to be in the everday lineup at this point whether at first or RF. I can’t see Snider as an everyday option at this point. We still need either a everyday RF or 1B with Jones playing the one that isn’t filled.

John DiVito

Jones & McGehee as the 1B platoon. McGehee has some nice numbers against lefties (.807 OPS and a 119 wRC+)

Snider should be given a shot as an everyday RF. If you want to platoon him, Presley or Sutton would be acceptable.


Can’t platoon him with Presley because both are left handed…

John DiVito

Or Sutton because he just got DFA’d 🙂


If having picture perfect offspeed recognition is a requirement to play for the Pirates, then it’s going to be Andrew McCutchen and a pitcher as the only players in a lineup most nights. And even McCutchen still has problems with sliders outside and down.

John DiVito

Also, he has multiple hits in 3 of his 5 games so far.

John DiVito

Did you see him go 3 for 4 last night?

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