Per Kristy Robinson on Twitter, the Pittsburgh Pirates are expected to call up outfielder Starling Marte tomorrow. Marte is hitting for a .286/.348/.500 line this year in 384 at-bats in Triple-A.

UPDATE: Evan Meek has been demoted and the Pirates have officially announced the move.

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  1. Awesome!! Marte and McCutchen…….And you know Wandy will absolutely dominate his former team….that’s just the way it works….like Maholm against Bucs Tues.

  2. Thought they might wait until the end of August after most of the AAA season is over. Good luck Starling!!!

  3. Great! I’d much rather see him on the active roster than Gorkys, who I assume is being demoted.

    • Gorkys Hernandez is the best outfielder in baseball.
      Did you see that play today? Jim Edmons or anyother great outfielder would have had to make a diving over the shoulder catch that would have made the highlights reel.
      Gorkys came out of nowhere …..I was watching the flight of the ball off the bat and it was a clear gap double,at least………and unbelievably Gorkys made that catch. Even now I think I have witnessed one of the the most underrated plays I have ever seen.
      If Gorkys was playing that day in centerfield for the Giants instead of Willy Mays that play would have just been a routine out.
      I would pay to watch this guy play.

      • That is a bold statement but I too get chills watching this guy track down fly balls. His range is great because his angles are perfect, and he keeps at 100% speed while watching the ball. I have never seen anyone hold their speed like him.

      • Personally, I’d rather see Presley go down if the intention is for Marte to start. Could you imagine a lead after the 7th? An outfield of McCutchen, Marte, and Hernandez. Game over.

    • I figure the reason they did not showcase him this past series is because the Cubs are on a hot streak and that includes their pitching. You would not want him coming up into a 0-10 slump right off the bat. Get him comfortable in a 4-game series against one of the worst rotations in baseball and make him feel comfortable when he actually goes up against a contender.

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