Trade Rumors: Red Sox Outfielders, Chase Headley

Two afternoon trade rumors.

**According to Jon Heyman, there is a “strong probability” that the San Diego Padres will deal Chase Headley. Heyman reports that the Padres are “down the road” in talks with teams who are willing to give up a top prospect to land the third baseman. The Yankees recently lost Alex Rodriguez, but Heyman says they’re not willing to make a strong push for Headley. Heyman says that Padres’ GM Josh Byrnes has set a “tremendously high price” on Headley, and that the Pirates, Indians, Athletics, and Orioles have expressed interest in the third baseman.

**Gordon Edes of reports that several teams have asked the Red Sox about outfielders Ryan Kalish, Cody Ross, and Ryan Sweeney. He says that the Pirates and Reds have scouted Boston extensively. The Pirates reportedly expressed interest in Sweeney prior to the 2010 season when he was with Oakland, and the Athletics were asking about Andy LaRoche.

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Would like to see Corey Hart from the Brewers – two years of control, good defense and a somewhat reasonable salary – about 4 million left this year, 10 million next year for ages 30 and 31.

James S

Of all the outfielders available I would go after in order, Pence, Giancarlo Stanton (if he even IS available), Victorino, Soriano, Cody Ross, Josh Willingham, Corey Hart and Headley (as an OF). I wouldn’t overpay for any of them except Stanton & Pence.
If Cubs are paying most of Soriano’s money, I’d take his powerful bat in a heartbeat. No pitcher is ever safe with Soriano at the plate. Victorino is a good all-around hitter, runner and a gold glover. I don’t care what his stats are right now. There’s no need for me to talk him up, anyone who closely follows baseball yearly (I mean ‘reads box scores daily’) knows what he brings. If I need to explain why he’s good, you’ve got a lot more to learn than just that.

That said, I would do everything possible to not give up Marte for any of them, and definitely not give him up for a half-season rental. If they do give him up, they damn well better be keeping the guy they receive long term.
I’d give up Taillon ahead of Marte. I wouldnt give up Cole though unless were talking getting a Stanton and for long-term. I’d try to hang on to Hansen too, but anybody else is fair game.

I would have jumped on Hanley Ramirez as a shortstop, but it’s too late now. Dodgers got a steal there


Blockbuster trade:
1. Pittburgh get: Upton. Pittsburgh gives: Marte, Cole, Bell
2. D-Backs get: Headley, Cole. D-Backs give: Skaggs, Ownings, Upton
3. Padres get: Skaggs, Marte, Ownings, Bell . Padres give: Headley and a few other prospects 1 each to both the Pirates and D-Backs.

James S

Definitely Cody Ross. The rest are nothing worth having, especially Sweeney. I have to think Huntington would be a lousy fantasy league owner if he thinks Sweeney would put up better numbers than Alex Presley. I wish he (Huntington) was in my league.

Dennis Thomas

How would Hunter Pence look in a bucco’s uniform? What would it take to get him from the Phillies? It appears he is on the block.


Cody Ross would be a very good addition. The other two Sox would not be very exciting.

F Lang

Cody Ross is a tough, battle tested player. Would be great to get him and way cheaper than Headley. He is a really underrated guy and he also has a 1.076 postseason OPS.


I like Headley, but I wouldn’t give up a top prospect for him.


When the rumors started I thought that Brad Lincoln and Gorkys Hernandez would be enough to get Headley. The package Cincy gave SD for Mat Latos has spoiled Byrnes into thinking every team is as dumb as Cincy. If they ask for anything more I would toss in the extra draft pick (#33) in 2013, and nothing more.

Scott Stauffer

Cody Ross is the best of the bunch

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