A Second Pirates Prospect Fails a Test For a Drug of Abuse

According to Baseball America, right-handed pitcher Vince Payne was suspended 50-games for failing two tests of drug abuse. The suspension was announced by the Commissioner’s Office today.

Payne is no longer in the organization, after being released by the Pirates a month ago. However, he was playing for the same West Virginia team as Zack Dodson, who was suspended on July 31st for 50 games for failing two tests for a substance of abuse.

Payne might not be with the Pirates anymore, but it doesn’t look good that two players from the organization failed multiple tests within the span of a few weeks, with both players playing for the same team.

Because he’s not currently with a team, Payne’s suspension would begin upon signing with a new club. He had a 9.00 ERA in 23 innings with West Virginia this year, along with an 18:14 K/BB ratio.