Alex Dickerson Named FSL Player of the Year

Bradenton Marauders’ first baseman Alex Dickerson was named the Florida State League Player of the Year today. The 2011 third round pick is currently hitting for a .299/.359/.454 line in 471 at-bats, with 12 homers. He ranks second in the league in RBIs, eighth in batting average, second in hits, third and doubles, and second in stolen bases.

“I’m honestly a little surprised, but it’s a huge honor,” Dickerson said about the award. “I can’t believe I’ve gotten this far, especially the way I started the year. It’s a real tribute to my teammates because I didn’t make it on any personal statistics. It was all RBIs, runs scored, and that comes down to your teammates being on base when you get to hit them in and them hitting you in.”

Dickerson started out slow, hitting for a .269/.343/.357 line in 182 at-bats over the first two months of the season, with two of his 12 homers. Since the start of June he has hit for a .318/.368/.516 line with ten homers in 289 at-bats. He is the first Marauder to win the award.

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James Vargo

He’s gonna be real solid. He will have the power, but all the other skills too.


I see on bucs dugout blog a lot of people are disparaging this award because of what they percieve as low HR total for a former college player and they think that if he was any good he would have been promoted and wouldn’t have been available to get the award. I guess they might have a point but there were a lot of other players they might have chosen so I’ll look at it as a positive.


where does he rank in homers?


12 HR puts him Top 10… 10th to be exact. However, if you project his stats since the start of June to a full season, with the same AB/HR ratio, he would be 4th in the league. He got off to a slow start and recovered nicely.

IC Bob

Congrats to Alex. He doesn’t have that many steals. The league must have a lot of slow players

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