Alfonso Soriano Refused a Trade to the Pirates

Dejan Kovacevic reports that Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano refused to waive his no trade clause to accept a trade to the Pittsburgh Pirates. Kovacevic mentioned that he didn’t know how far talks went, or if they started at all, but that Soriano didn’t want to play in Pittsburgh.

Soriano turned down a few other teams, including refusing to go to the San Francisco Giants. He’s got 10-and-5 rights, which allows him to refuse a trade to any team.

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James S

I would have liked to have his power bat in the line-up, but I’m turned off by unintelligent players. Soriano showed with that decision all I needed to know about how knowledgable he is. We don’t need his type around here.


I’ve never been happier to be rejected. We’re a much better team without him…this season and next! We have our outfield.


Really?!?! His team is in full rebuild and he says no to moving to a contender? Wow…That says all you need to know about him.


both the Pirates and Giants parks are hard on RH hitters, so you can see why Statman Soriano would refuse to go.

Tim Thompson

Kinda glad he didn’t come here cuz tht let us get the younger and still learning snider


Thanks for saving us the adventures of you playing left field Alphonso! I can remember at least a couple games where you single handedly gave it away to us. Also, I’m we weren’t the only ones. I don’t know how the Cubs will ever move this guy with his salary, and this is an up year for him on offense/defense. Unless then end up paying damn near all his salary. I read something like, right now he is more than half of their committed payroll towards next years payroll. No sour grapes from me though, Cubbies can keep him.


They normally don’t ask to waive your rights until a deal is close to done. His only appeal would be that the Cubs would have to pay most of the freight and he’d be cheap production.

Bob Martin

Amen to that Jeff, knew he wasn’t bright but to stick with a rebuilding club is just Plain dumb. Enjoy losing, you got a few more years of that before your career is over.

Jeff Snedden

Thank you Mr. Soriano. Enjoy losing 110 games.

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