Andrew McCutchen Has the Second Most Team Friendly Deal in Baseball

Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports took a look at the ten most team friendly deals in the game. With the season Andrew McCutchen is having this year, combined with his contract extension last off-season, it should be expected that he’d be on this list. Passan ended up rating him as the second most team friendly deal in baseball, falling only behind Evan Longoria, who surprisingly has only made $8.5 M in his first five years in the league.

Passan notes that over the last 50 years, only George Brett, Jeff Bagwell, Larry Walker, Todd Helton and Barry Bonds have finished a season with triple slash numbers better than McCutchen’s current .368/.429/.627 line. The Pirates have McCutchen under team control through the 2018 season. Assuming they pick up his $14.5 M option in 2018 (which is a safe assumption), McCutchen will be paid $63.25 M from 2013-2018, or $10.5 M a year on average.

Passan notes that if the Pirates would have waited until after this season to extend McCutchen, they could have been paying Matt Kemp prices. Kemp is making $21.2 M a year on his deal, which is a little more than double what McCutchen is making, for roughly the same production based on their numbers this season.




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F Lang

As a Pirate fan I thank Cutch for putting the greed aside. He won’t be worth 100’s of millions when he leaves the Pirates but he has the respect of some of the greatest fans in sports. He will be legendary in status like a Maz, Clemente, Bradshaw, Lambert, or Lemieux if he keeps doing what he is doing. 63 mil isn’t much if these numbers would continue but he is not going to hit .360 every year. I feel like he is Matt Kemp’s equal though and he is extremely marketable. Don’t worry Cutch, you will make plenty in endorsements also. I think the Walker deal will get done in the offseason. It would not make sense for him to be anywhere else and we have no secondbaseman even close to challenging him in the system.

Lee Young

same age as Walker below….sign Cutch and not Walker? Neither? Both? Gonna be interesting in a few years…. Hopefully it’ll be after back to back to back to back divisional titles.:)

Lee Young

Maybe they should’ve signed Walker before the season, too? Hopefully they’ll get a deal done with him after the season! He is DEFINITELY an above avg 2ndbaseman, and I just love how he plays!!!

Lee Young

Didn’t realize that, but now I remember you discussing that.


Wait, so you’re saying extending Cutch was a good idea??? 😉
He was also ranked the 3rd most valuable trade chip in the game by fangraphs behind Trout and Harper.

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