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Exploring the Arsenal will run prior to each game, providing you with a brief scouting report on the starting pitcher expected to oppose the Pirates. The chart below shows the horizontal and vertical movement of every pitch thrown by that particular pitcher in 2012. This chart is from the catcher’s point of view. Click here for a general guide to pitch types and classifications. Graphs are courtesy of Brooks Baseball and The Hardball Times , unless otherwise specified. Statistics are courtesy of FanGraphs .

Sunday, 1:35 PM – Mark Rogers

IP 28.2
K/PA 25.6%
BB/PA 7.4%
HR/9 1.26
GB% 39.0%
Whiff% 26.3%
ERA 5.02
FIP 3.80

Rogers is a former first round draft pick who has struggled to stay healthy for much of his professional career. He has very good stuff, with a fastball that sits 93-96 and occasionally touches 97 MPH. His primary breaking ball is an 82-85 MPH slider. The pitch shows good, sharp break, and Rogers is willing to use it against both lefties and righties. He also mixes in a 77-80 MPH 12-to-6 curve and an occasional 81-84 MPH changeup. Rogers does not have great command, an issue that plagued him throughout the minors. He has managed to keep his walk rate down in his limited big league experience, but he often struggles to stay down in the zone.

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well, no better way to get ur K/BB rate up than facing the Pirates.

What I’d like to see is an article detailing what sort of pitchers the Pirates do well/bad against.
Lefty/Righty, HH Hurlers/soft tossers/sinkerballers, GB pitchers/FO pitchers etc.

always thanx for the great stuff.

Sean Matthews

Rodgers does look like an All-Star today. 2 of 3 to the damn Brewers. Wild card is now in the rear view mirror and will slowly disappear from sight. Ready to get excited about next year

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