Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon Slip in Baseball Prospectus Top 50

Baseball Prospectus has released their mid-season top 50 prospects today, and three Pirates prospects made the list. Two of those prospects took a fall from their pre-season rankings, while one made a jump forward.

Gerrit Cole was the first prospect listed, coming in at number 12. That’s down from his pre-season ranking of number nine, which is a bigger drop when you consider all of the players who were at the top in the original rankings who are no longer prospect eligible. Cole has moved down, and has been passed by other prospects.

Jameson Taillon was ranked next at number 32, which was a big drop from his pre-season ranking at number 13.

The one prospect to take a jump was Luis Heredia, who went from number 42 in the pre-season, to number 37.

Kevin Goldstein had two interesting updates on Twitter. When asked if Alen Hanson was close to a top 50 prospect, Goldstein said yes, and said that Gregory Polanco was closer. In a later tweet, he confirmed that he has Polanco ranked ahead of Hanson.




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I was thinking about who I would rank higher after seeing Hanson and Polanco seven times this season and it’s tough. I may just give the nod to Polanco based on the fact he is likelier to stay at a premium position. They are definitely close


Stinks about Jameson falling that far (32 wow)…He hasn’t done all that well so I can see him falling but that was quite a bit. Good thing is if he pitches like he did at the begining of the season from here on out he will be right back to where he was…


These rankings obviously take pedigree into account, and justifiably so. But if they didn’t, Taillon wouldn’t be anywhere near the top-50 based purely on performance. We are at the point the “he’s working on his fastball placement” excuses are getting old even for professional observers.

Joel Davis

Really? I believe he is one of the younger pitchers in his entire league. I’m sure if the Pirates still had him @ WV his numbers would be awesome and he’d be ranked top 10. It’s all really subjective. As long as your in the top 100, with an interesting pedigree, it really comes down to people’s different perspective. See other top 50 lists where he is higher.


I just find it odd he’s never really dominated any level. Even his HS senior stats are puzzling for a guy deemed by many (most?) to be the best HS pitching prospect in several years.

Looking at the other candidates for that crown, you see Ankiel/Beckett/Bundy all around a 0.50 ERA (one or two runs scored overall) and 2+ K/inn their senior years–essentially unhittable but for lucky swings. Taillon got hit by HS pitching, and while accounting for his age, etc., the results still don’t match the tools.


7-10 with 4.04 ERA in 43 A Ball starts. A Ball. I don’t care what he’s working on, that doesn’t look like a future ace.

Ian Rothermund

Yeah, it’s entirely subjective. The fact is, he has had exceptional results mixed in with mediocre ones. However, unless he falls off the end of the earth stats wise, he’s still a 6’6 starting pitcher that throws in the upper 90’s with a great curve ball. That’s what makes a prospect; the combination of ceiling and production. However, the ceiling always takes precedence over production. I still don’t really care statistically where he ends up this year, he’s only 20. I’d rather see him get the change up down

Ian Rothermund

…this year, then be ready and healthy for AA next year. I think this could be a huge opportunity for his growth this off season when he has more of a chance to look back on what this year was like, and what he needs to focus on. Also, I think the fall instructs will be great for him this year. People always talk about the prospect that never ran into hard times while in the minors, well here’s his. People should stop pulling a Pedro on all the top prospects for this organization and chill the ef

Ian Rothermund


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