Mike Vukovcan of KDKA reports through a source that right-handed pitcher Kyle McPherson and outfielder Alex Presley are en route to Milwaukee, and will be recalled by the Pirates. If the Pirates recall both players by tomorrow, they would qualify for the postseason roster.

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  1. Actually they don’t need to bring up Jeff Locke before the deadline. The Pirates only need 4 starters for the post-season. It would make more sense to have a extra reliever available.

  2. I would take it as McPherson is taking Bedard’s spot in the rotation (hopefully) and to secure his spot on the post season roster if need be. From all accounts Karstens is healthy enough to pitch his next outing. But then again, they could have just been blowing smoke about that.

      • I saw that but they also held his pitch count down. I figured that this was a sign he was coming up. I thought that they might bring him up now so that he would be available for the playoffs if need be.

    • They can still add Locke to the active/playoff roster by bringing him up tomorrow (8/31). Just have to send someone down for a day or so – could be Clement, d’Arnaud or Tabata (are they making their playoff/4th OF decision now by also bringing up Presley?). Depends on remaining options to some extent.

      Could also waive/release someone (Correia?). Or decide if Locke, Wilson or Morris might have more playoff value than, say, Hughes or Correia or Resop and move one of them off of the active roster for a day or two and bring ’em back for just September help.

      They gotta decide if they think they’re a playoff team, and decide who the best 25 honestly are (or maybe more, depending on their DL exemptions) – and that’s NOT the 25 on the active right now. If they do that tonight, they have a number of things they can make happen tomorrow.

  3. Jo Jo Reyes to start tonight.

    Apparently Karstens groin is questionable, so McPherson is being used as a safety net.

    Indy rotation for next few days: Reyes, Van den Hurk, Cole, Irwin

    • cf2: Glad to see the Bucs are not totally insane. Bringing up McPherson for insurance is a good move. The answer to the first question (Y not Locke?) is that the Brewers are RH strong with guys like Weeks, Braun, Ramirez, and Hart at 2 thru 5, so a RHSP they have not seen before could be a good situation for the Pirates on Friday if Karstens cannot go or if he has to be pulled again with groin problems. Then it will be AJ Burnett Saturday and JMAC on Sunday.

        • There seem to be a lot of, why not Locke, sentiments. Maybe, just maybe, they think McPherson’s better.

          Personally, I like McPherson over Locke if there’s only one spot in the rotation. However, I also think the Kevin Correia experiment should be over, and that Locke should be the long-relief man. I respect the “experience” that veterans bring to a team in a playoff run, but just like any other professional sport; I’ll take talent and ability every day of the week.

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