Pirates Claim Hisanori Takahashi Off Waivers From Angels

The Pittsburgh Pirates today claimed left-handed relief pitcher Hisanori Takahashi off waivers from the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Takahashi posted a a 4.93 ERA, 1.17 WHIP and 41 strikeouts in 42 relief appearances this year for the Angels. He was scored upon once in his last seven appearances (5.2ip) with Los Angeles before being optioned to Triple-A Salt Lake on August 19.

The Pirates will make a corresponding move on the 25-man roster once Takahashi reports to Pittsburgh. The club’s 40-man roster is now at 40.

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Sean Matthews

They should have picked Maholm back up rather than Wandy. But NH has had a boner for Wandy for a couple of years. It looks as if they gave up too much to get him now at least

Bryan Graham

I know the problems are much deeper than this, but why is Barmes still starting? There is no argument to be made for his defense any longer, he been playing attrocious defensively. Mercer has been starting to hit better and was his defense really that much less than Barmes’ when Barmes is at his best? I know Mercer’s defense is better than what Barmes is playing recently.


A silly signing. I looks like a Hurdle request.

Matt Beam

hitting stinks, starting pitching is inconsistent, 1-2 errors/game becoming the norm, even the bullpen (tonight) has been giving up runs at the worst times… too much inexperience in the bullpen and bench while I’m at it

James Vargo


rick clapper

how good would lincoln look right now. i agree , wilson and/or locke over another waiver wire retread

Sean Matthews

Making the playoffs was a little to far fetched. We should just be happy if we have a plus 500 season and cross our fingers for the next. Pedro just pick the ball up and throw the freaking PITCHER out. Their D stinks right now and its costing games!

Bryan Graham

If we aren’t in the playoffs, and I have no confidence that we will be, I just as soon we shoot for the 20 years under .500. It’s a nice round number and we will get a better draft pick. Only 10.5 games out of a top 10 pick to go with the 9th pick we already have. I’m greatful for the 4 months of good ball the Pirates gave us and I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel especially if things work out with Cole, Taillon, and a couple of the other pitchers. Hope the young guys continue to mature and we can get some legitimate bats somehow. Hope that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t a train though.


NH must have a list of guys since he became GM that he’s promised himself he’s going to sign at whatever point he can; regardless of performance. You’d think he’d want to make light of Morris being the only salvageable piece of the Bay trade. Here’s to hoping this pick-up goes more Resop than Qualls.


At this point I sorta feel like NH is just trolling everyone who says he should give some of our AAA arms a chance.

Bradley Shoff

Could Qualls be moved next?

Scott Stauffer

Why? Attention K-Mart shoppers? We don’t have better options at AAA? Really?

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