Pirates Release Erik Bedard

UPDATE 9:11 AM: The Pirates have officially announced the move. Another move will be announced later this afternoon.

1:55 AM:ย The Pittsburgh Pirates have released left-handed pitcher Erik Bedard, according to Dejan Kovacevic. Kovacevic mentioned that the report was unconfirmed, although Michael Sanserino of the Post-Gazette confirmed the report through a source.

Bedard had a 5.01 ERA in 125.2 innings this year, with an 8.5 K/9 and a 4.0 BB/9 ratio. He got off to a great start, with a 2.57 ERA in 35 innings over his first seven starts. The lefty was hit in the hip with a line drive during that seventh start, and left after one inning. From that point forward he struggled, with a 5.96 ERA in 90.2 innings. Only six of his 17 starts in that stretch went for quality starts.

Kovacevic speculated that the team could be looking to get Kevin Correia back in to the rotation with this move.

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Can’t be upset with this move.

rick clapper

why does aug 28th feel like christmas , now if we bring up a couple of the young pitchers ( guessing we won’t see them till indy is done with playoffs ) and see what they can do. , if they show promise then hopefully we can avoid scrap heap FA pitchers next year. maybe we can then spend a little extra and get another catcher as it appears barajas has nothing left in the tank. also would prefer to see a little more mercer over barmes


Good move cutting Bedard, next cut should be Hurtle bring up the Indy coaching staff. That Card manager is managing every game like it is the seventh game of the WS, Hurtle is managing like it is April. Hurtle is a good guy and good organizational guy, but for field managing, he goes into the poor catagory.
Now that they made the move with Bedard, If McDonald does not get it done tonight, he will need to be at the very least sat down.
Huntington has to do something about the man crush Hurtle has for Barajas, you don’t bat an under 200 hitter in the seventh inning behind by a run with the tying run on second base, you don’t bat an under 200 hitter in the ninth inning down by a run, you don’t bat a guy that is helpless at the plate in any critical situation, might as well hit with a pitcher.


I know Bedard struggled, but if got any run support his record would have been a lot different. I wish him well.


He was not cut due to record, its was the 5.01 era that has been worse all summer. His FIP suggests he should have been doing better, but after a while results matter.


Evidence that the Pirates finally understand the idea of a sunk cost.


You mean like when they cut Iwamura or Overbay?


About bleeping time they held someone accountable for this past two months. A few more should go then i’ll know they are serious.

If you wonder who check the batting and pitching stats in the 2nd half.


Players are what they are. It’s roster mgmt and lineup choices which have caused the tailspin. Barajas has been lacking almost the entire season. Barmes hasn’t been much better. Pedro is overdue for one of his limited outbursts. Wandy hasn’t shown multimillion dollar production…yet. A AAA relief pitcher with a $4MM contract and a 4.97 ML ERA is added. A relief pitcher about to be DFA’d is obtained for a much needed bench bat which is clearly missing and $250K thrown in for good measure.
You could include fielding stats for the 2nd half also.
The money wasted on the offseason free agents (McLouth, Barajas and Barmes and now it looks like Bedard also) should have been better spent. That is no different from any other season since the best mgmt team in baseball took charge. However, I did like the Bedard signing.
When will the owner call the GM into his office and tell him to either spend his money more wisely or not to let the door hit him in the rear as he goes out it?


“When will the owner call the GM into his office and tell him to either spend his money more wisely or not to let the door hit him in the rear as he goes out it?”
Hard to do that when the team has been 16 games over .500 for the first time in 2 decades. IMO, this number alone means the GM has done a better job than the monetary numbers show.


This one shocked me, that said… if it’s just to put KC back in the rotation I think it’s a lateral move at best. Hoping this means some real innings for some of the AAA guys though


Agreed, if its KC then meh. If its Locke or Kyle then great.

State College Steve

Totally agree, if KC starts this is a total waste. To hell with KC, get the young guys up here to see if THEY can save the season.

Ian Rothermund

Idk if you can assume greatness, but yeah, you know exactly what you’re going to get with KC; and he hasn’t earned a spot either.

James S

Why would they put Kansas City into the rotation?

Bryan Graham

Wow, can’t say I expected that. Hoping Barmes is next, for somebody who is supposed to be a defensive master, he sure has been horrible for the last month or two.


Barmes is the 2nd best defensive SS in MLB right now by UZR and he’s hit over .250 over the last 3 months (.630ish ops). We have no better option than him.

Bryan Graham

john, have you been watching him the past couple months? I’m not going to argue that he has been hitting better, but his defense the last couple months has been absolutely putrid. How do you know we have no better option at SS? Mercer has been hitting when given a chance recently and I know Mercer is a better fielding SS than Barmes has been over the last couple months.

F Lang

Most people have it wrong on Barmes’ defense. He consistently makes all the plays and does it with excellent range. He has made a few more errors this year but people worry too much about 5,6,7 extra errors and don’t notice all the extra plays he does make. His rtot & rdrs are excellent, as usual. These are real stats…look them up.


Barmes is a little short in most areas defensively. The idea that he has a contract for next season, when he’ll be a year older, a half step slower and likely slower to swing the bat and getting a $500K raise is overwhelming.
I’d just as soon see Barajas go next. He’s been overused and is clearly not #1 catcher.
As far as Bedard, I hate to see him go, because I thought he was better than he’s shown, but his time has come.
NH has already consistently shown he can’t judge offensive talent, but if he is losing his ability to judge pitching, what’s the use of keeping him?


ummmm, because we are still a winning ballclub with a much better MLB system since his arrival.
because we went from the worst team in baseball to competing for a playoff spot in less than 2 years?
because he spent frugally and attendence still has jumped mightily the last 2 seasons????
should i keep going or do you just want to end it all right now?


He hasn’t exactly spent frugally. His F.A. signings show that.
He has a better record than 2 years ago. No argument there. That was a team he basically had torn down and reassembled with his players.
His “system” has included Marte, Walker, Presley and others bought in by the most incompetent GM the Pirates ever had.
Attendance has jumped from the year the Pirates put their worst team, arguably, in history on the field. It should have.
All of his moves haven’t been bad, some actually good. Please give me an example of a good free agent signing during his tenure.
You’ve got a mancrush and I don’t.

F Lang

Grilli, Jones, Resop, Correia (21-19 in two years for 8 mil), are all FA signings…not to mention we got our entire staff and closer all through solid trades this fo has made. I am not defending them, just showing what they have done. Could it be better, yes….but at some point the players on the field have to get it done and Cutch hitting terrible and the staff pitching poorly is their own fault, not the fo’s. This fo is just joining the list of guys Bedard has burned. The only deal i hated from day one was the Barajas signing. He’s a good guy but a mediocre catcher who is old. Never sign a catcher over 35 to start!!!


I was just disappointed when Drew ended up going to the A’s. They got him for a SS in high A batting .234. I’d wouldve preferred to eat the 1.8 million he was owed the rest of the season just to put some decent power in the lineup. I know he’s struggled since that ankle injury but the Dbacks literally not almost nill in this trade. As for Bedard, he battled, I’ll give him that. Just walked too many guys. You put people on base and they’ll find a way to hurt you.

F Lang

Drew is hitting under .200 and has a higher OPS than Barmes…and that is with only 2HR in 150+ AB…so what does that say about Barmes offense?

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