The High Asking Prices For Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino

Buster Olney had the following update this morning about the asking price for Hunter Pence to the Pittsburgh Pirates (h/t to Bucs Dugout):

With that type of return, I’d imagine there was also talk of the Phillies picking up some salary in the deal. Still, that’s a high price to pay for Pence. He’s under control through the 2013 season, and will likely be making north of $14 M next year. When you consider that the Pirates got Travis Snider for Brad Lincoln, the price seems pretty extreme. I’d rather have Snider and Marte than just Hunter Pence.

My thoughts on Pence are similar to Charlie’s from the link above. I think he’s a bit over-rated. I think he’s a good player, but not good enough to warrant $14+ M next year, and I don’t think he’s a player who could guarantee any type of success for the Pirates.

Dejan Kovacevic also had a report on the asking prices from the Phillies. He had the same report on Pence, noting that there was talk of cash being involved in the deal, and an unnamed infielder. He also noted that the Phillies wanted Brad Lincoln, Bryan Morris, and a third piece for Shane Victorino. Again, I’d rather have Travis Snider under control through the 2016 season, and keep Morris and the other piece. Even if it was Lincoln for Victorino, which was reported earlier, I’d still go with Snider. Victorino is a rental in the middle of a down year. I think Snider could be better this year, and the Pirates would have him for four more years beyond the 2012 season. That seems like a no brainer to me.




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James S

Agreed, Tim. I said the same thing. I’ll take the power/extra base hit prospect for 4+ years over a two month rental any day, regardless of who we would be trading. But for Lincoln alone, straight up, The Pirates did very well. Not only that, but Snider is a great clubhouse guy, well-liked by the players, and plays all out all the time. Few hitting prospects come with those intangibles. I tipped my hat to Huntington when I first read of the deal late Monday night, and couldn’t believe they got Snider for nothing more than Lincoln. I say it may be his best deal ever.

Stephen Stasa

Also consider Victorino starts sliding later in the year. His career OPS is .877 in July, .813 in Aug, and .721 in Sept/Oct.

Pence actually goes the other way, .751 in July, .843 in Aug, and .863 in Sept/Oct. Still not nearly worth what this says they were asking, especially for the year he’s having so far.


what’s weird is the phillies kind of got nothing for victotino and gave up a lot more for pence last year than they received this year.

Mark Ludwig

Lindblom is not THAT much different than Brad Lincoln (plus he’s 3 years younger) and Ethan Martin has very good stuff, he just doesn’t command it all that well, so he still has a pretty high ceiling.

They got fleeced last year on the Pence deal. They traded for him at the absolute peak of his value and then people were surprised that his numbers went down this year when his BAbip returned to right around .300 where it was in ’08,’09 and ’10. Truth be told, the Phillies actually were pretty fortunate that Pence stayed as hot as he did down the stretch for them last year given that his BAbip was an unsustainable .368 when they dealt for him and he kept it at .348…

Steve Dimmick

When will the MLB start to use a cap for large market teams? Overpaying for guys like this is getting out of hand. Even the Phillies dont want to pay it anymore!

Lee Young

As long as Brilliant Bud is in control, it will never happen.

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