Walker Feels Encouraged Low Back Isn’t Long-Term

Neil Walker was out of the starting lineup again on Wednesday, after being scratched from the lineup after batting practice on Monday. Walker arrived to the ballpark  today, where he underwent treatment and stretching with the training staff to get back full from tightness in his lower back.

“Today is much better than the last couple days,” Walker said. “I’ve seen a couple doctors. It’s nothing to be too alarmed about. Just want to make sure everything is in place. It’s encouraging. I’ve been in the training room and things are looking better.”

Walker said when he arrived to the field on Monday, he did feel a little bit of back tightness. After being checked out by the training staff, Walker rode the stationary bike and tried to get ready for the game, but after taking swings, that’s when he realized it was really tight.

“I’ve dealt with it a little bit in the past so I kind of know how to deal with it,” Walker said. “I’m not alarmed by the situation, but it does take a few days to get back to where I need to be.”

“Nothing’s out of place. Some inflammation here and there in the lower back. Got to give it a little bit of time to slow down a little bit…I’m very encouraged with how I feel today. Just not well enough to swing a bat or do anything today.”

The second baseman said it’s not pain that he feels in his low back, but discomfort.

“Bending over, those kind of things, I need to make sure the inflammation is all gone before I do that stuff again” he said. “The medicine that they’ve given me the last couple days has definitely worked. It’s day to day, but I’m very optimistic, the same with my finger, about getting back as soon as I can.”

Walker has not yet picked up a bat since feeling the tightness, but continues to do stretching. The biggest step with be with Walker will be taking swings because he is a switch-hitter.

“I think the biggest thing with the lower back is the twist,” Walker said. “When you switch hit, there’s no way to kind of way to protect it because you’re going both ways. I have to kind of make sure that when the inflammation is out, it’s fully gone and it’s not hindering me in any way because I do have to twist both ways and reach down for ground balls.”

“After talking to the docs, they feel very encouraged that this wont be a long-term thing, but just a few days.”

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