Exploring the Arsenal – Collin McHugh

Exploring the Arsenal will run prior to each game, providing you with a brief scouting report on the starting pitcher expected to oppose the Pirates. The chart below shows the horizontal and vertical movement of every pitch thrown by that particular pitcher in 2012. This chart is from the catcher’s point of view. Click here for a general guide to pitch types and classifications. Graphs are courtesy of Brooks Baseball and The Hardball Times , unless otherwise specified. Statistics are courtesy of FanGraphs .

Tuesday, 7:10 PM – Collin McHugh

IP 18.2
K/PA 18.4%
BB/PA 4.0%
HR/9 1.93
GB% 37.5%
Whiff% 18.1%
ERA 3.86
FIP 5.04

McHugh was an under-the-radar prospect coming into the season, but he pitched well in Double-A and Triple-A and has continued that success early in his big league career. He throws from a low three-quarters, almost sidearm release point. He mostly sits 89-91 MPH and mixes in a sinking two-seamer with similar velocity. McHugh throws his slider around 80-84 MPH, while his 69-72 MPH curveball flashes a good amount of break. He also throws an 81-83 MPH changeup. Despite the mediocre velocity, McHugh has shown the ability to miss bats with four different pitches so far in the big leagues.

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Matt Beam

Looks like we’ll win tonight unless Anthony Rizzo comes up with the bases loaded for the Mets tonight, but seriously, the top of the 5th explains what needs to change before next April… bases loaded, no out, one run already walked in, Clint Barmes ahead 2-0, result… foul out to 1st, then a strikeout looking from Barajas, before Wandy strikes out swinging(which is not unexpected… Barmes AND Barajas both can’t be starting next year, awful if you’re playing a good team and a good way to lose games vs. win them

John Lease

Thank goodness the Mets threw someone who stinks worse (so far) than the Pirates pitchers have. Although it was close in the first…

Matt Beam

This team is beyond unbelievable right now. They score 4 against the Mets in the top of the 1st and Wandy has already given up 2 HR’s and 3 runs 1 out into the bottom of the 1st inning… where is the leadership on this team to say enough is enough? They’re playing poorly and inventing new ways to lose since August 1st… so much promise for 4 months but now it’s like watching an accident in slow motion and not being able to turn away… disgusting!

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