Pirates Looking at Red Sox Relievers

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe (via MLBTR), the Pittsburgh Pirates are looking at the bullpen of the Boston Red Sox. MLBTR points out that Vicente Padilla is one of the few pending free agents in Boston’s bullpen, and that most of the relievers are under control beyond the 2012 season, which might make them less likely to be dealt.

If the Pirates made a trade, the player acquired wouldn’t be eligible for the post-season if the team found a way to make it. However, the Bucs are currently three games back in the wild card race, and would need to pass Milwaukee, Los Angeles, and St. Louis to get to the post-season. So they’d have to worry about getting there first, before worrying about who is eligible.

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Scott Stauffer

I live in CT and see a lot of sox games. That whole bullpen is awful.


Um, see the first article said they were looking at Boston relievers. The second paragraph said Vincente Padilla was about to hit free agency and could be available. No where in either paragraph did it say the Pirates are interested in Vincente Padilla. Could he be the guy the article was talking about? Possibly, but it didn’t say it was Padilla. Maybe we should wait to see who they’re interested in first.


You are correct. This article never, ever mentions VINCENTE Padilla. Well done snooping that out.


Wow, ya got me. I thought it was Vincente instead of Vicente. I don’t care enough about Padilla to give a crap how you spell his name. Point was though, the article never said the Pirates were looking at VICENTE Padilla. Attack me for spelling the name wrong. If you read the article as closely as you read my comment you would see my general point was right.


I just threw up in my mouth a little after reading “trade” and “Padilla” in the same sentence. We have a kid in AAA who throws 100mph for christs sake!!!


you mean the same kid who gave up 8 runs in 2 innings? that kid???

Sean Matthews

Nothing JMac couldn’t do in the show


Anyone who thinks Vicente Padilla is the answer clearly doesn’t understand the problem.

John Lease

Typical Pirate front office move. Oh, the pain.

F Lang

I don’t think a reliever is gonna get us in the playoffs at this point so why bother? I guess if you think you can get a guy you can control for awhile who might help next year…but there will be plenty of cheap relievers this offseason.


You also have to think in terms of trying to have a winning season to break the streak. Playoffs are the goal with a winning season as the door prize.

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