According to CAA on Twitter (via MLBTR), the projected cutoff date for Super Two players is expected to be two years and 139 days.

This doesn’t really impact the Pittsburgh Pirates much. Neil Walker, who entered the year with one year and 166 days of service time, was always going to be a Super Two player. None of the other players on the roster were close to the Super Two cutoff.

Travis Snider started the year with two years and 15 days of service time. However, he spent so much time in the minors this year with Toronto that he will finish the season with two years and 91 days of service time.

Gaby Sanchez started the year with two years and 62 days of service time. However, he has enough service time this year that he will surpass three years of service, and will be arbitration eligible for the first time next season.

Using the 2.139 marker as a baseline for next year, the only player would be close to Super Two status after the 2013 season is Michael McKenry, who would have two years and 136 days if he remains on the active roster through the end of the 2013 season.


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  1. Tim…could you pls explain what it means to be ‘Super Two’.

    I WISH it meant to be ‘Super, too’ just like Clark Kent…lol

    • Super Two players are the players who are eligible for an extra year of arbitration. Out of all of the players with between two and three years of service time, Super Two players are the top 22% of players based on service time. For next year, the projected 2.139 cutoff means that anyone with two years, 139 days or more will be eligible for an additional year of arbitration, which replaces what would have been their final league minimum year.

  2. I’ll be surprised if Sanchez is offered arbitration, he’s shown very little so far. Snider seems to be very poorly conditioned, that’s fixable if he is willing.

    • Um, what are you watching? He’s OPS’ing .788, exactly in line with his two productive years in Florida. He’s producing right at a 20HR 75 RBI pace.

      • Yes….and I don’t know about the “showing very little” comment. He has played pretty good ball…especially recently. .788 OPS and solid defense. Better than any other 1B on the 40 man.

      • Why not? Is he going to beat out Garrett Jones next year? He hit .259 in semi-regular duty in August, he’s hit .292 in 6 starts and some pinch hitting in September. Very small sample sizes, to be sure, but he hit .205, .184 and .189 in April, May in June as a semi-regular. A guy who can only play first and pinch hit isn’t that valuable, especially if he only plays against lefties. The Pirates consistently don’t overpay for YOUNG bench guys, just old ones.

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