Win a Free Pair of Pittsburgh Pirates Headphones From BiGR AUDIO

A week ago, the fine folks at BiGR AUDIO sent me a pair of their limited edition Pittsburgh Pirates headphones (just like the ones you see in the image above) to review on the site. They are also providing me with a pair to give away for FREE to one lucky reader.

When I first got the headphones I was very impressed. I’m not a big headphone person, typically using them only when I’m in the press box. So my experience with headphones has been limited to cheap ear buds, or the free pair you get with Apple products. The first thing that impressed me was the box that the headphones came in. This wasn’t just normal packaging. The headphones came in a wooden box with a baseball diamond on top and the Pirates logo in the middle. The box can be used for safe storage of your headphones, or can be used to hold other items (mine is currently on my dresser, holding my watches).

Inside the box, the headphones are wrapped in a soft cloth case, which can be used to store the headphones on the go. Then there’s the headphones themselves. They’re big headphones, but certainly don’t lack in comfort. The padding around the ears and the padding across the top make them a comfortable fit, even when you’re using them over a long period of time. The fit around the ears is also big enough that your whole ear fits inside the padding, rather than the padding resting on top of your ears, which can be uncomfortable over time.

Your favorite Pirates blogger testing out the headphones. Probably not listening to Call Me, Maybe.

The sound quality is outstanding. I’ve used them listening to all types of music, plus while watching shows on the computer. In each case the sound is crisp, and you can hear every note while listening to music. With other headphones I’ve had, you can’t get that quality unless you turn the sound way up. The quality of these headphones is there, even when the sound is on a lower volume.

A special cord is included with the headphones. The cord is flat, which is designed to provide better audio quality and keep the cord from tangling. I’ve yet to experience the cord tangling, even when packing the headphones in my media bag for a trip out of town (which usually results in every cord in the bag ending up in a knot). The cord also comes with a volume control that is compatible with your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The control has three buttons. One to increase the volume, one to decrease the volume, and one which can be used to play/pause the music, or to answer calls when using your iPhone. The control also has a built-in microphone to use during calls with your iPhone.

I don’t have an iPhone, but the microphone works on my Droid. The control button doesn’t work on Android phones, but the headphones and the microphone work very well during the call.

The Pirates headphones can be found at BiGR AUDIO, and sell for $149. Even if you’re not a Pirates fan, they’ve got a pair for all 30 Major League teams.

As I mentioned above, the folks at BiGR AUDIO are giving a FREE pair to one lucky reader. I will be giving out the free pair to one random follower on Twitter next Monday. To enter, all you have to do is Tweet the following message from your Twitter account:

“I want to win a FREE pair of BiGR AUDIO Pittsburgh Pirates headphones from @pirateprospects and @bigraudio. #P2HeadphoneGiveaway”

You have until Sunday at 11:59 PM EST to tweet that message. I will pick one winner on Monday, at which point I will get in contact with the winner, get your mailing information, and send it to BiGR AUDIO so they can ship out your free headphones.

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99% of your readers are male; you couldn’t have found a cute female for the headshot?

Sean Maiolo

What if you passionately despise Twitter but still want those awesome headphones? lol

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