Diamondbacks Claim Gustavo Nunez off Waivers From Pirates

The Arizona Diamondbacks announced via Twitter that they’ve claimed infielder Gustavo Nunez off waivers from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Nunez was the Rule 5 selection by the Pirates last year, but missed the entire year on the 60-day disabled list with an injury that he suffered prior to the Rule 5 draft. The shortstop is regarded as a plus defender, but hasn’t done much with the bat, and has only played as high as Double-A.

Since Nunez spent the year on the 60-day disabled list, he would have still been subject to the Rule 5 restrictions in 2013. The Pirates would have had to keep him on the 25-man roster for 90 days before they’d be able to send him down to the minors. Had he cleared waivers, rather than being claimed by Arizona, they would have had to offer him back to Detroit or worked out a trade to keep him. Arizona will now be under those same requirements.

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The leadoff spot is a big problem, but SS is not. Walker could certainly fill the 2hole, the leadoff spot looks like it is going to be a floating spot for a couple of players unless the bucs trade for a true leadoff hitter.


Tabata and his .350 obp is your best option at leadoff. If not him then Walker or Snider.

Holt is nothing close to a MLB starter.


Tabata and Presley both have the potential to be good leadoff men, but they have not developed on the major league level yet, this is a big problem for the Bucs, do they wait for them to develop or do they get a proven leadoff player for 2013?

Fred Langford

He had a good run.

Brian Bernard

Assuming no outside players are picked up what would be the optimal lineup strategy for the team?
Leadoff remains the biggest hole in the lineup. The candidates are Presley, Tabata, and Marte. All three hit under .260 and OBP under .320. The best candidate may be Brock Holt, but where does play?
The two spot on some lineups can be a throwaway spot, making contact, etc – but the bucs have an elite player perfect for the two and that’s Neil Walker. He has all the tools to be a win v.s. the opponent at this spot in the order.
Same thing for the most important spot in the order, the three. Andrew McCutchen is an elite player and a difference maker especially with runners on base. All the more reason for Neil to hit at two.
Garrett Jones has earned the right to hit cleanup for the Bucs and his play in RF is solid. If not a win, he’s clearly league average.
Pedro must own the 5 spot in the order and protect Jones. He established himself this year, now he just needs to grow a little each year.
The six spot is where things can get diverse. Do you clog the bases with Gaby at 1b, or do you place Marte/Snider here? I actually like McKenry here his on base % is about the same, but his OPS is much better.
At the seven is where I see the Marte/Snider with a little less pressure and still plenty of opportunities and where the K’s won’t kill you.
Gaby may have something left, and I do like his plate patience and occassional ability to drive the ball, so I like him in the eighth spot alot.
So where is the SS, well he’s absolutely got to leadoff – and that’s why Brock Holt better be putting in a great off-season because he’s the only real legit leadoff on the team. He must take over for Barmes this season with Clint taking a seat on the bench.
So there it is unless NH opens the wallet, your 2013 lineup.
1. SS – Holt – .292 Ave .329 OBP
2. 2B – Walker – .342 OBP .768 OPS
3. CF – Cutch – .400 OBP .953 OPS
4. RF – Jones – .516 SLG .832 OPS
5. 3B – Alvarez – .467 SLG .784 OPS
6. C – McKenry – .442 SLG .762 OPS
7. LF – Marte / Snider – .437 SLG .737 OPS
8. 1B – G. Sanchez – .397 SLG .720 OPS

Fred Langford

Holt is not very good at 2B. No way he can handle SS. He’d have to hit .330. barmes is the SS unless an internal option beats him out or by some freak chance we aquire someone else.


He was a waste of a rule V pick. There is a capable bullpen arm out there, it’s up to the best management team in baseball to find him. They can’t ever seem to find hitters.

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