First Pitch: Joel Hanrahan’s Off-Season Trade Value; New Comment System

For the last year and a half, I’ve been talking about how the Pittsburgh Pirates should trade Joel Hanrahan. To sum up the reasoning, Hanrahan is a great reliever and a great closer, but the value of a closer is small, the trade value of closers is usually huge, and the Pirates would benefit more from the potential impact a Hanrahan trade could bring, rather than the value of having a great closer.

Hanrahan is arbitration eligible for the third time this off-season. Earlier today, MLBTR released their arbitration estimates, with Hanrahan making $6.9 M. We previously had Hanrahan at $7.5 M, basing his salary off Heath Bell, who Hanrahan has been similar to every step of the way through the arbitration process, and even through his career. Coincidentally, Bell was traded this weekend after a horrible year with Miami. Miami only paid $8 M of his remaining $21 M owed after the 34 year old had a season with declining numbers across the board, and they still got a marginal prospect in return.

Last year we saw a few closers crack eight figures per year, and with Hanrahan’s numbers, he could challenge for the same amount as a free agent. If we give Hanrahan a 2.0 WAR value, and use his projected $6.9 M salary, he has a trade value of $3.3 M. One thing that could help that salary is that the free agent class for closers is weak. Last year looked much stronger with Jonathan Papelbon, Ryan Madson, and Heath Bell at the top of the class. Overall the results were disappointing, yet for some reason MLB teams still pay big dollars for closers.

This year the closer market looks weak. Taking the list from MLBTR.

Grant Balfour (35) – $4.5MM club option with a $350K buyout
Jonathan Broxton (29)
Matt Capps (29) – $6MM club option with a $250K buyout
Brandon League (30)
Ryan Madson (32) – $11MM mutual option with a $2.5MM buyout
Brett Myers (32) – $10MM vesting option with a $3MM buyout
Mariano Rivera (43)
Fernando Rodney (36) – $2.5MM club option with a $250K buyout
Joakim Soria (29) – $8MM club option with a $750K buyout
Jose Valverde (35)

Balfour had a great season as a closer in Oakland, but might not hit free agency. Valverde regressed some, with his ERA going up, and his strikeout rate dropping steadily over the last few years. Broxton’s good year could get teams back on his bandwagon as a closing candidate. Matt Capps didn’t have a great year. Brandon League struggled with Seattle, but came around at the end of the year with the Dodgers. Brett Myers had good numbers, but doesn’t have a lot of closer experience, which tends to be important for teams. Mariano Rivera isn’t going anywhere. The Rays aren’t letting Fernando Rodney walk when they could have him for $2.5 M. Joakim Soria would normally highlight the class, but he had a down year. And Ryan Madson will likely re-enter the free agent market coming off Tommy John surgery.

In short, the free agent market will probably include a declining Valverde (unless Detroit re-signs him), Soria and Madson at low values, and uncertain options like Capps, League, Myers, and Broxton. That’s not exactly a strong group, and if teams are looking for a closer, a guy like Hanrahan looks very valuable.

I don’t think the Pirates could get a top 100 prospect for Hanrahan. They probably won’t get a multi-player return like Oakland got last year for Andrew Bailey. But I think they could get that one main piece, probably a B-level prospect. In comparison to the Bailey deal, that would be someone like Josh Reddick, who really turned out well this year with Oakland.

They missed their chance to get a huge return for Hanrahan. It’s one of the disappointing things about the team “contending” in the first half in each of the last two years. They could have gotten a bigger return either year, but they can’t trade their closer when they look like contenders at the deadline. The 2011 group should have never been considered contenders. The 2012 group was better, but played over their heads for two months and were on an unreal pace by the end of July. It would have been easier to make the deal in 2011, which was a year where top set up men were fetching top 50 prospects and more.

I still feel Hanrahan should be dealt this off-season. The Pirates shouldn’t be paying that much money to a closer. They could get a potential everyday player who could provide more value than a top closer. On top of that, they could use the savings for other additions this off-season. It’s never been the most popular idea to deal Hanrahan. A lot of a closer’s perceived value comes with the comfort factor. Two years ago no one trusted Hanrahan in the closer’s role because he wasn’t trusted and wasn’t proven. Now people don’t want to deal him away because he’s “established”, as if no other pitcher could ever pitch in the ninth inning, even though the exact same doubts were cast on Hanrahan, and every other closer in history before they put together a few saves. It’s definitely a comfort having a good closer to shut down the game, but you can find a replacement for Hanrahan, and finding a replacement is a lot easier than finding the type of player you could get by dealing Hanrahan.

Links and Notes

**Over the weekend I added a new comment system, sort of. Previously we used Disqus, which I loved. However, Disqus recently released their new version, Disqus 2012. The release actually downgraded a few features that I liked about the software. One of the downgrades allowed for people to post with unregistered accounts, which opened the site up to a lot of spamming, trolling, and users impersonating other users.

At this time of year I’m trying to put the Prospect Guide together, which is a big part of what allows me to run this site full time, and also allows for added coverage throughout the year. So the last thing I have time for right now is spending time moderating comments from people acting like idiots, mostly for the sole reason that they disagree with my opinion on a game, or just don’t like me. I don’t care if you disagree with what I say. Not everyone does. I was pleased to see that John Lease signed up for the comments today. He posts here everyday, and never agrees with me, but I’m glad he reads and adds his take to the discussions. I also don’t care if you don’t like me. Not everyone will. But realize that you’re hurting my livelihood by trolling the site. I was planning on getting a ton of work done with the Prospect Guide on Saturday. Instead I spent the entire day adding a new comment system to the site. Again, that book is a huge factor for this site. It’s impossible to run this site full time without it, and I’m out of a full time job without that book. So from one person to a bunch of anonymous people (or maybe just one), if you’re here to talk baseball, you’re welcome to. If you’re here to deliberately cause problems, there are other places you can go.

The new comment system requires you to register an account with the site with a verified e-mail address. From there, your initial comments have to be approved. Once you have a comment approved, you’re good to go. You can also connect with Facebook, Twitter, and your Google accounts. If anyone has any suggestions for upgrades to the comment section, let me know. I’m using WordPress comments, which are very customizable. So if there’s a feature you’re looking for, I’ll see if there’s a plugin that makes that feature available.

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Don’t forget Rafael Soriano is apparently opting out of his $14 million year with the Yankees. Crazy on one hand yet it shows his confidence in the free agent market for closers — if he does what he says he’s going to do.

I could see the Bucs-Tigers getting together. Detroit GM Dombrowski is at McKechnie all the time and he’s not afraid to deal talent, like Jacob Turner in 2012.

Wish the Bucs could pick up Castellanos or Garcia for Hanrahan but the Tigers would probably not move either for him.

Bobby Nacho

I felt that they needed to trade him at the deadline last year, but the fact that they were in contention, it made for a hard pill to swallow for the Pirates.
Then the wheels came off….

They are not in a position to pay their closer 8-9 million.

Teams know that, and they are going to use that to their advantage. Combine that with the fact that Joel had some issues closing out games at the end of the season, well that doesnt equal a top 100 prospect.
Maybe they can get a B prospect or a B and a C.

With needs at SS, C and starters, as well as bullpen help, they can fill at least one of those needs

miguel martinez

Do not be surprised if Hanrahan is traded for a top 100 prospect, but the Pirates may have to wait until the middle of the season.

Thom Kay

Hanrahan to the Blue Jays for J.P. Arencibia or Yunel Escobar?

Jays have reason to consider trading each of them, and we would start either. Might take a bit more to get one of them, but it would be nice.


Absolutely no on Escobar. He’s a malcontent and a declining player.


I would consider trading Hanrahan, but only for a trade that made sense, a closer and an a setup bullpen pitcher cannot and should not have their values overlooked.

La Pirate

I really like Hanrahan but he is a valuable trade piece and frankly I think Grilli would do fine in this role. Tim, this is a great site and thanks for your hard work and dedication.


I like Hanrahan and agree that he SHOULD be traded but I also like what he brings to the team. I’d like to see him remain, and would consider trying to lock him up. I’m sure that is an unpopular opinion but this team needs to hold onto the guys that never fold.

That being said, if he goes I think Morris will be a great closer.


I saw on the MLBTR comment page that Detroit would been in need of a closer and they could offer one of Porcello, Smyly, Aliva for Hanrahan. I think Neal needs to make a phone call to Dave Dombroski ASAP and see if they can be able to acquire Porcello or Aliva or both for 1 year of Hanrahan. Those two seem like perfect buy low candidates. They both also have 3 years of arb ahead.

Robert Lee

It was MLBTR, though I saw no mention of Avila. He or another Tigers’ catcher would be a natural target, and Detroit is facing a need to shed some payroll.


The Tigers don’t need to shed payroll. Their owner, Mike Ilitch, has said recently that he will spend whatever is necessary to bring a title to DET (whether this year or beyond). He’s 83 and wants to win one more title for DET badly.

The Tigers may want to reallocate their payroll, though, but they aren’t going to slash it, even if they win this year.


Who do you think becomes the closer if hanrahan is dealt? Promote from within or bring in someone from the outside?

Richard Ya'Zhynka

Isn’t Grilli now a free agent. I remember seeing projections that had him signing for two years and $10 million.


He is a free agent, but I think Grilli has strong feelings towards the organization for giving his career new life when everyone gave up on him. He also has a tie with Hurdle, too.

At his age, though, he probably wants 2 years. I could see the Pirates drawing the line at 1. I will be very surprised if he’s not a Pirate in 2013.

Fred Langford

Grilli as a stopgap but Morris and Vic Black are being groomed. I wouldn’t mind seeing the Bucs get Conger. He and Sanchez are similar talent-wise but Conger has had more success at high levels and has a good amount of AB’s in the majors at the same age. I see Conger as a .260 15 HR solid defensive C and Sanchez as about the same….Conger slightly better offensively and Sanchez slighly better defensively.

Richard Ya'Zhynka

I like Conger as a switch-hitter who could end up in a platoon with Sanchez.

Richard Ya'Zhynka

Hanrahan to the Angels for Hank Conger.


I don’t understand what the ‘subscribe to thread’ thing means, but I’ll figure it out eventually. But as for trading Hanrahan… If I thought the Pirates could get someone worthwhile, sure. But not yet another ‘prospect’.

An established player, say a shortstop who can hit, or a catcher who can hit and isn’t 35+. Looking at Hanrahan’s round when he was drafted,

Bobby Hill, Xavier Nady AND Chad Qualls all in there. Pirates took? David Beigh. Didn’t remember him at all, he didn’t get past Hickory.

Lee Young

John…I saw that David Beigh pick when I was doing draft pick research. The ONLY David Bey I remember was a boxer….lol Beigh never made it out of A ball.


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