Pirates Hire Senior Advisor to the GM

The Pittsburgh Pirates have hired Bill Livesey to be a Senior Advisor to the General Manager, per a team press release. Livesey, 72, was most recently a professional scout with the New York Yankees from 2008-2011. Prior to that he spent three seasons as a Special Assistant to the General Manager of the New York Mets.

Livesey spent 18 years with the Yankees from 1978-1995, and was involved in all phases of player development and scouting. He was the Vice President of Player Development during his last four years with the Yankees, before being hired as the Special Assistant to the General Manager by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in September 2005. He eventually served as Tampa Bay’s Director of Player Personnel. Livesey has also spent two years as the Special Assistant to Toronto General Manager J.P. Ricciardi.

Livesey’s son Jeff was the Minor League Hitting Coordinator the last two seasons, and has been in the organization for ten years.

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In searching for some background about Livesey, I came across this article from the University of Maine alumni magazine. Note Brian Cashman’s comments. http://umaine.edu/colleges/education/alumni-profiles/bill-livesey/

Blue Bomber

I like the sound of this. Exactly what the Pirates need. Statistical analysis is essential, but there also need to be people who can identify talent and / or skills that don’t show up on a stat sheet. The big question is how much will NH listen?


Good move. John Hart of mlb.tv fame is a senior advisor to the Rangers, and I think that the Dodgers hired one a while ago. I think it is very wise to take advantage of such good baseball man’s insight and judgment.


Sure sounds like Nutting wants a baseball man as a watchdog to report to him.


I like the move… I think. It seems like for all of the review, interviewing, etc that Nutting went through the conclusion was that the thing didn’t need blown up. It needed some outside help. We’ll see how much it helps.


Next thing you know they might hire an advance scout, or not, after all what he tell them with the mountains of data they have at their disposal?


Apparently in the evaluation period after the season Nutting, Coonley and Huntington came to the conclusion that one of the management problems was with management and that Huntington needed some help. I would like to see just what the specific duties are for Livesey. I also wonder how many teams have a senior advisor to the GM.

Steve Dimmick

maybe this is backup to keep NH on his toes….


Then I’m not encouraged. Given Omar Minaya’s pitiful record, I don’t see how Livesy will help NH.


This guy sounds like a solid baseball man, something this organization could use more of. Hope he has more to say than just being a figure head.

Lee Young

I LOVE this move!!! Nothing but good can come from it.



Steve Dimmick

so basically to hold NH hand?

Fred Langford

We get the guy that was with the Yankees the only time they were bad for an extended period.


And hopefully to report to Nutting every time he does something stupid.

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